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23/6/18  June Medal
The early starters had a cold westerly wind to contend with and obviously had it much harder than those who stay in their beds longer and play later. Which is par for the course at the Braids. I have compared the scores over the  last few years  and had them independently checked to prove this controversial point.  Lucy Verasamy also agrees with me.
Five players , the later ones , scored 77 with various handicaps giving them various nett scores. The best of these was Steve Conn 77-12=65 who bounced back from his recent Final disappointment with seven 4's in the front nine. He found it a bit harder coming back into the wind, which had calmed down now, but held on to win this weeks June Medal

2/6/18  Summer Medal

This morning was very reminiscent of Bangkok , hot , sweaty , sultry and humid. Apart from not having Soi Cowboy that is. If you havent been to the Cowboy, then look it up on You Tube. Over 18's only. The warm air meant that the ball should fly further and with no wind the conditions were perfect for low scores. We have been waiting for a net 61 for a long time and as with buses , two came along together. 

Robbie Mott had thirteen 4's  in his 61 and his handicap cut to 14.  Anyone coming into the Clubhouse with that score is entitled to feel that they have won easily. 
However.....Andy Rennie , fresh from his excellent showing in the Dispatch had only ten 4's but also four birdies in his 61 and won todays competition on countback.  Have his odds been cut for next week....?

12/5/18  Louis Mair Trophy and 3rd Championship Qualifier

 The best day for golf so far this year , sun , warmth and no wind. The greens are running better, still bare patches though , but better than they have been. Putting is where many scores are made or lost and so it proved today with Duncan Wells 76-13=63 putting like he was on glue. In fact a drugs test has been ordered for him. A strip search was taking it too far. And there were no volunteers to do it.
This last qualifying round brought some changes in the A section , but not so much elsewhere.
The Bookie is ready and waiting for your bets. The way Duncan has been playing recently   and this is his second win in succession , then he is worth 50p of anyones money. Even mine.......

5/5/18 May Medal

I have been away for two weeks and on my return the course looks a little bit more manicured and the greens seem to be better.....or is it my imagination. Maybe EL's masterplan is working and the sprinklers are worth their weight in gold. The Dispatch in two weeks time will be the judge of those.
Three players finished with net 66's. Keith McFarlane who seems to be unable to write a number 6 at any hole on his card, Derek Baird whose normally reliable putting stroke let him down 7 times on the first two holes and the eventual winner Duncan Wells  79-13=66 who had a birdie on the last to seal the victory. As part of the Dream Team I taught him all he knows......

28/4/18  Centenary Trophy and 2nd round Championship Qualifier

The beauty of enjoying the  warm sunny weather of Lisbon and Porto means, quite frankly my dear, one didnt give a damn about how it was at home. The Championship warmed up though and with eleven 4's, three 3's and no 6's Keith Mcfarlane 73-7=66 propelled himself to the top of the leaderboard with a fine winning round and taking todays Trophy.
The Bookie is dusting down his abacus and sharpening his pencil in anticipation of only one more round to go. All to play for then......

21/4/18  Allermuir Open

The good weather continued to give perfect conditions for golf.  A new greenkeeping guru is now in place at the Braids and he is a man with a plan to get the course condition to where it should be. We will wait and see.
Someone who hasn't been seen much over the last few months is Robert Kay 70-6=64 , but he has obviously been playing and practicing somewhere because he was out in 37 but with the help of 4 birdies came back in 33 to win today.  Rab is a previous finalist in the Championship and with this form he could well be there again........

 14/4/18 April Medal and Championship First Qualifier

For a time today the sun came out and tee shirts were the required mode of dress. Long may it continue. The ground is still heavy , muddy and wet though, We dont want these to continue.
The first round of the Championship brought alot of higher than normal scores but there were some who showed their intent early and put themselves at the front on the leaderboard.
None other than Steve Conn 79-13=66 who went out in an average 42 but with the help of two birdies came back in one over par to win todays competition. This was Steve's second win in two weeks and with two seconds  also recently he must be the Bookies favourite for the B section, or maybe the A.........

Masters Sweep 2018

100 entries so £95 for the club after prize fund of £105 is deducted.

Masters 2018.xls

Winner Gill Duffy (c/o Peter Duffy) £60
2nd David Marr £30
3rd G Killip (c/o Matt Davidson) £15

7/4/18  Sandy Black Trophy and The Glenlivet Scratch

Its official , summer is here. The tees have gone back and competitions are counting towards handicaps. Happy days are here again.
 Well , they are  for the winner of the Glenlivet Scratch , David Wilson 72 , thats his score not his age. David has come back from a career threatening injury and not much recent golf to show his  early form for this years Championship, which starts next week. See the Bookie for the odds.

The last few weeks have seen him playing better and in his head he knew that it would all come together sooner rather than later. As so it came to pass that Robin Wilkie 81-15=66 finally played a decent round , some putts dropping and some just missing ,  which is as Leonard Cohen says is ok , thats life , nothing is perfect, just enjoy it when it happens.....

31/3/18  Western Tot

The ten hardy souls who put their names in the book were treated to a slightly cold , lightly  rainy and inoffensive hailstones morning , but very playable  , as the scores show. The greens are looking good without the sprinklers, which with only 7 weeks to the Dispatch , is a good sign.
Todays winner Steve Conn 39 points has had four seconds in the last 6 months and despite his best efforts to do it again with a bogey and a triple bogey in the last 4 holes he clung on to victory.
Its never the weather , its just the wrong clothing and the wrong attitude.....

25/3/18  Winter Doubles

The inaugural Doubles Greensomes were played in sunny but windy conditions. The last tee time of the day saw  the Dream Team playing with the Experienced Team. Out in 41 and after a bad 7 at the tenth, due to a pesky bunker , Duncan Wells and Robin Wilkie 81-14.4=66.6  had a Team talk and drew on their high altitude fitness training , their strong mental fortitude and a recent no pies diet.
A consistently good driving performance from the younger Team member allied with a strong chipping and putting contribution from the older one culminated in a fine tee shot at the 17th and an even finer 20 foot putt for the only 2 of the day.  A par at the last was duly delivered and The Team were cheered off the course by their playing partners........

24/3/18  March Medal

After weeks of meteorological misery today was totally tropical. The sun shone and at times it felt quite warm. The greens were looking better but are still a bit bumpy. The sprinklers will sort that out. And world peace.
James Cunningham 74-7=67 knocks on the door quite often and today the door opened. Five 3's , 3 of them birdies and six 4's laid the foundations for a very good round. No 6's though. Is that the secret to success....?

 17/3/18  Spring Medal

The weather has caused problems in the last few weeks , so thankfully today the course was playable. It was -1 degree but the added wind made it feel ten times that. Nothing that a pair of mittens and a balaclava wouldn't sort though.
The light dusting of snow created some casualties in the early holes but the hardy ones played on. Out in 45, Duncan Wells  83-14=69 came back in an impressive 38 to win todays competition. Duncan needed a birdie at the last , which he duly made , in order to beat Mr Balaclava Baird.
The lack of hot pies , a pound down and freezing cold hands just made things worse.........

Winter Eclectic

Congratulations to Andrew Wilson for winning the above. He scored  58-4=54.  His hole and one helped and the bottle of brandy he brought in for it is still there to be drunk by anyone wanting to add a can of coke to it.  £1  please.

24/2/18  February Medal

The snow is coming back and as a precursor to that there was a hard frost which left the greens a trifle firm. Balls that usually stopped were now bouncing away in all directions and putts were a bit of hit and miss. I dont quite understand why the sprinklers havent solved this problem. Yet.
However , adapting to the conditions the best was Gordon Crawford 70-7=63 , who with 4 birdies in amongst his six 3's,  shot his best score since the last ice age.
 Not that you would know that by looking at him.

17/2/18  3 clubs and a putter Stableford

The question was always going to be, ' will it make much difference ' ?
The answer was , for some yes , for others no.
James Cunningham 40 points found it easier and has pledged to do it again after winning today. Others might have to go back to the full bag. James's 5 birdies showed that less might be better when it comes to focus and course management. Others might say that its not the lack of clubs , its the lack of talent that held them back.
Congratulations to Andy Wilson who holed in one at the fifth and Steven Park who eagled the 10th. 

10/2/18  Stableford

Yes, when i took my clubs out of the car before 8am the golf trolley blew away down the road. Yes , the seven members in the locker room discussed at length about the wisdom of braving the elements. Yes , the weather forecast was changing every hour and yes, we needed six scores in the computer to make the competition count.
In the end , the wind calmed down and when we came off the 18th at 11.30 the sky was blue , the sun was shining and the wind was at normal Braids levels.
 In between all that Steven Cameron 36 points, one of our newish members won todays , and his first competition. Yes, the conditions put alot of people off but Steven showed what could be done with the right attitude. After all , fun is just a subjective concept isnt it........

3/2/18  Stableford

Its february which means that the days are getting lighter at both ends. Hence our times now start at 8.10am. Not mentioning any names but messers Wilson and Wells please take note.
The forecasted rain might have put some people off but it turned out to be not nearly as bad as expected and the no wind factor made it easily playable.
The one time bandit Robin Wilkie with 37 points won today. He lost his moustache and hat a long time ago and has been an also ran for over a year but today he played steadily throughout and surprised himself. Well done me........

27/1/18  January Medal

Its rained on this day 21 out of the last 30 years. It tried to again  but the strong winds kept it away and made it difficult for all concerned. However , when things get tough the tough get going and good players can play in any conditions. As proved by Gerry Curran 72-5=67, who with 14 pars, showed an excellent mastery of the situation in hand.  Which is more than can be said of some out there.

13/1/18  TCB Cup

There will be a reason , and dont ask me why , the winner today doesnt receive the money. The cash goes to a draw between all who have played. It probably goes back to when Davie Clark was a lad. Yes , the 1800s. However Derek Baird net 60 won the first trophy of the new year with a score just less than his age, Gross score that is.
Derek normally plays a few times a week , this week he  never though, and see what happened. Food for thought Derek with your new much lower handicap.
Two faces I would have liked to have seen......Steve Conn's on entering the locker room and looking at the computer screen ,  with his best score probably ever..........and James Cunningham's when he realised he had to share the 2s roll over pot with two others. Its just as well we are not competitive isn't it........

For the record ,  the money winners were Ronnie McIntyre , Viny Gill , Keith McFarlane and Peter Duffy

6/1/18  Stableford

The snow went away , the rain came but  the course was surprisingly ok after all that. It was a cold wind which required use of the christmas hat and gloves present from a well meaning aunty and the sun came out for a bit.  Viny Gill with 41 points won the day with an excellent 5 pars and a birdie on the back nine. It just shows what can happen when you have the sun on your back and a woolly hat on your head

  23/12/17  Xmas  Stableford

The change in the weather meant that the metal tipped tees I have been making ,  that are easier to push into the frozen earth,  weren't required today. Never mind , their time will come again in the weeks ahead.  Or they will sell well on the Alaskan ebay site.
Normally when a members handicap has been cut by 2 shots he stops playing well and realises that he isnt as good as he thought he was. Andy Montador 38 points obviously hasnt read the script because he has continued to play well since his 46 point total last month. Andy wins todays competition and gets to take the reindeer in our new back garden home for christmas. You might need a bigger oven Andy......

16/12/17  Saturday Stableford

Woolly hats , gloves , longjohns, crampons, and  ice skates were required to negotiate around todays ice bound course. Strange bounces on the fairways and even stranger bumpy greens made it a bit of a lottery.  However,  todays lottery winner by a big margin of 5 points from the rest of the field  was Colin MacKay with 35 points. Colin used all his experience and a little bit of luck to show us mere mortals how its done.

Saturday Stableford

Another cold day but a decent turnout considering there was a team match. Alan Crawford was a cut above the rest with his 38pts enough to finish 4pts clear of the chasing pack. There were no 2's for the 3rd week running so expect half the field to get one next week.

Winter League vs Carrickvale

Unfortunately a lack of availability and a last minute call off saw a weakened 7 man team lose 1-3, although they were unlucky not to get a draw.

Having been 4 down at one point Keith McFarlane & Brian Kennedy turned things around to have the lead standing on the 18th tee, however both players found trouble off the tee.

Andy Rennie went out on his own and was 3up through 3, but then he's used to playing doubles matches on his own. He also got to the 18th with the lead but lost the hole to an eagle.

The good news I'm available for next week so Andy should at least have someone to carry his clubs.

Christmas Raffle 2017

Final numbers to be tallied but we might have pipped our previous high of 591 tickets sold which means another good return in our first bit of fund raising for the 2018/18 season. After selling 110 tickets a few years ago without any of them winning a prize it was a much better return this year as Colin's 130 tickets sold accounted for 6 of the prizes.

Christmas Hamper - Sandy McFeat
Vodka - Alaina Crawford (c/o Gordon Crawford)
Whiskey - James NCU (c/o James Cunningham)
Gin - Ronnie McIntyre
Bacardi - Jimmy Urchut (c/o Colin Mackay)
Jack Daniels - Alaina Crawford (c/o Gordon Crawford)
Red Wine - Gerry Curran
White Wine - Steven Gray (c/o Colin Mackay)
White Wine - Norrie Inglis
White Wine - Steven Gray (c/o Colin Mackay)
White Wine - Steven Cameron
Dozen Best - M Crawford (c/o Gordon Crawford)
Dozen Tennent's - Brian Reid
Bucks Fizz - Gill Wallace (c/o Robin Wilkie)
Bucks Fizz - Alicia (c/o John Livingstone)
Biscuits - John Turnbull (c/o Colin Mackay)
Biscuits - Hayley McIntyre (c/o Ronnie McIntyre)
Sweets - Digger (c/o Colin Mackay)
Sweets - Francis Ramage (c/o Robin Wilkie)
Sweets - Donna Brown (c/o Colin Mackay)
Sweets - ? (c/o John Livingstone)

02/12/17 December Medal

The first round on the winter course and we got a lovely mild day that was reflected in the scoring as 8 players went under par with a 3 way tie for 1st place and only 2 shots separating the group. Bizarrely there was then a 3 shot gap to the player in 9th. Cream of the crop on this occasion was Keith McFarlane who followed up his 43pts from 2 weeks prior with a 72-7=65 which thanks to a level par back 9 saw him win on countback from Jim Robertson (75-10=65) and Derek Baird (85-20=65).

He would have won by a shot however his previous win picked up a winter adjustment bringing his handicap down to 7. Keith's impressive performances in the Winter League coupled with these 2 scores has him firmly placed as the one to watch in the coming weeks.

26/11/17 President v Captain Team Match

In honour of Dave Clark's 50 years as a member of the club our President took on the Captain in a team match to win a newly commission trophy. A great (but cold) day was had by all.

Despite the first point going to the Captain's team thanks to Rankin Taylor & Steven Park winning the opening match against Dave Clarke & Andy Rennie the overall result was a 5-4 victory for the President's team with special mention to John Wallace who got the decisive point in a 2v1 handicap match (I'll leave the 2 players names out this report to spare Steven Smith and Stuart Anderson's blushes).

This will now be an annual event and will be played in September in future.

I would say it's the most grudging trophy presentation I've witnessed at the club as Rankin got his first taste of what his 2 years of no wins and an increasing handicap will feel like thanks to the Captain's curse.

25/11/17 Saturday Stableford

On a cold and windy day where most competitors chose to stay in their beds Viny Gill was the only player who had the skill to master the elements as he scored 37pts which saw him pick up the win by 5pts and that was with an NR at the 7th. He could actually have walked in after the 16th and still won with points to spare.

Summer Doubles Final 2017

The wait for the belated final to take place was well worth it as champions James Cunningham & John Wallace picked up a maiden victory in high quality match against Steven Park & Robbie Mott.

Highlights of the match included James driving the 3rd twice and the 18th when 1 down to take the match to extra holes, Robbie Mott chipping in for eagle at the 4th and John and Robbie's excellent approach shots at the 10th setting up the 5th and 6th birdies of the contest and a 4 ball better ball score of 6 under through 10.

With both team having held 1 hole advantages through the match the decisive blow looked to have been struck as with the honour I put my drive down the middle of the fairway. Robbie promptly followed suit and with James & John finding trouble a 2 hole advantage was opened up for the first time in the match.

However with all 4 players coming up short on 17 it fell to James to pitch his ball stiff to keep the match alive. He followed this up with a 2 putt birdie at 18 and we were off down the 1st again.

I had a birdie putt at all 3 extra holes to win the match but all 3 slid by and with the return putt at the 21st also sliding by the title was James & John's thanks to the 3rd 2 putt birdie on a par 4 for James (and none of them were on the 4th???).

18/11/17  Saturday Stableford

Another cold and blue sky morning. Another  morning playing on dodgy greens. It is what it is.
One of the newer members has been showing promise , playing in the Winter Team and being there or thereabouts in recent competitions. Today was Keith McFarlanes day winning with 43 points. Eleven 4s, four birdies and a 7 made up an excellent round with more of the same to come as the weeks go by

11/11/17 Winter League vs Lochend

An away tie against the defending champions isn't normally what you want after an opening defeat, however the team showed bounce back ability to pick up a 2.5-1.5 victory. Bizarrely the only pair to win 2 weeks ago were the only pair to lose this week.

The front pair of Rab Kay & Jame Cunningham once again picked up a half in a close contest that could have gone either way. Out 3rd but first to finish Steven Park & Keith MacFarlane were beaten 4&3. It's the first time either player has lost, but also the first time either has been on a winning team (there's no i in team).

The back pairing of Rankin Taylor & Robbie Mott took control of their match early doors to get to 5up through 10 before eventually wrapping up a 4&3 win. That left the result in the hands of Andy Rennie & Brian Kennedy who had spent much of the match behind, but a birdie at 14 for Brian gave them a lead that they saw through to the end of the round to secure 3 points for the team.

11/11/17  Saturday Stableford

It wouldnt be the Braids if there wasnt an outside agency making the golf more difficult. Yes it was cold but the sun shone brightly and the sky was blue. However someone had walked over all the greens in stilettos leaving them uneven and not running true. Having said that the lead pair were out in 21 points each which made a mockery of the previous sentence.
One of us was the leader in the Clubhouse until Andy Montador 46 points came in with his best round, gross and net , ever. Birdies at 2,3 and 4 set the foundation for a superb winning score and Andy going home to tell Mrs Andy about his perfect day......

4/11/17  November Medal

The tees were moved a bit further  forward on this dry, crisp and sunny day. The dew was quite heavy and the greens were better than they have been of late.
 The outgoing Captain  Ronnie McIntyre 80-15=65  played a steady round with no major upsets and so won his first competition for well over a year.
However , a par on the last from the Dream Team made sure that the only money Ronnie  would win would be in the sweep.....

28/10/17 Winter League vs Edinburgh Leisure

The first fixture of this years winter league also brought the first defeat, but it could have been so much better. By the time the front pair reached the 14th tee we were up in all 4 matches and looking to get off to a good start, however a fight back saw us on the wrong end of a 1.5-2.5 result.

The front pair of Rab Kay & James Cunningham maintained their lead to the 18th tee, but unfortunately the hole was lost to a par for a halved match. Andy Rennie & Robbie Mott were 1up through 12, but 4 holes lost on the trot (the 16th by virtue of only 1 player finding their ball) saw them beaten 3&2.

Another 3&2 defeat followed for Matt Davidson & Rankin Taylor who lost 3 on the trot from 14, with 16 being lost to a putt that missed long but then rolled back down the slope and into the hole.The back pairing were actually the first to finish meaning we temporarily held a 1-0 lead thanks to a 6&5 victory for Steven Park & Keith MacFarlane which saw me maintain my unbeaten record in the competition (1 win, 2 draws). Not bad considering one of our opponents was off scratch earlier in the year (currently 0.9), and yes Keith possibly did the heavy lifting.

28/10/17  Saturday Stableford

Its just as well that the clocks change tonight as it was nearly dark when we teed off.
The wind blew a bit but a total of 20 points led the field after the front nine. Standing on the 14th tee the wind decided to blow harder and our group of three lost 6 balls. The leader then only scored 3 points in the last 5 holes. Nightmare. But enough about me. Steven Smith 31points kept it all together whilst others couldn't and won todays competition. Well done Steven.

21/10/17  Saturday Stableford

Fairways are getting muddy , the ball is not flying or bouncing as far so the next several months are going to be more difficult for low scoring.  Often the bridesmaid , he looks good in that dress though , James Cunningham  37points won todays Stableford with a mixture of 7s, 6s, 3s,and 2s and so looked splendid holding the bouquet and in that ivory dress. White was not appropriate.

 14/10/17  October Medal

The last saturday to count towards handicap and the  Winter change saw all six times being full.
With no golf after the Dinner some might not have played for a week or so and were therefore a bit rusty. Red wine helps to derust I believe , or so Andrew Wilson 73-9=64 told me during the Dinner. Certainly the two bottles he had that night helped him to his best score for some time. Andy was bemoaning the fact that he had gone back to the B's recently but his outward par front nine and ten 4's have taken him back to his rightful section.
Another glass Gentlemen......? 

30/9/17   Saturday Strokeplay

The dark mornings and the need to wear a woolly hat means that winter is approaching. From 14th October tee times will start at 8.10am and there are only six of them available.
Todays competition was the last one to count for this year and with five 3's and nine 4's on his card  David Wilson 71-5=66 finished in grand style and continued his good form from the previous weeks Allermuir win.

23/9/17  Saturday Strokeplay

On  a perfect day for golf , albeit the early starters had a low sun and heavy dew to contend with, the sun shone and the wind didnt blow. No excuses then , except for a lack of talent , for low scores. Andrew Rennie 72-5=67 continued his good form , went out in level par , wobbled a bit over 11, 12, and 13 but held on for a superb round and won todays competition

16/9/17  Alan Morrison Trophy

We play golf to have fun and to enjoy ourselves, even when the weather  , our mental state and luck goes against us. Winning a competition occasionally is just the icing on the cake. The money wont make us rich but the feeling that we are doing something right on the course on the odd occasion makes up for it. Such was the day for Colin MacKay 80-14=66.  Steady to the point of robotics Colin came back in 38 to take todays Trophy on count back from Nick Morely , also net 66 , who continued his good form since the Grangemouth Outing. 

9/9/17  Autumn Medal

On a day when a member walks back to the Clubhouse from the 5th green because its raining only to find that halfway up the 6th the rain stops.......another member in serious contention of winning hits his approach shot into the gorse at the 16th and breaks his club in a slightly annoyed  way...........a fourball at the same hole has one member playing one of the tee , the next is three of the tee , the next five and the last one seven off the tee , a bit of normality was required.
It arrived in the shape , and what a shape it was , of Andrew Rennie 73-6=67 playing one of his best rounds for sometime , made even more surprising as it was without his trusty sidekick. Andrew's birdies on 10 and 11 giving him a better inward half than Steve Conn also net 67.

 2/9/17  September Medal

The best morning for a long time , sunny , albeit the yellow thing a bit low in the sky, no wind , except for 15 and 16, so low scores shouldn't have been a problem. Which they weren't for two members. With a better inward half  Captain Elect Rankin Taylor  74-9=65 won the above medal with his lowest score for some time.
The Match Secretary Steven Park also net 65 and also his lowest score for some time was left rueing his mistakes. Not that he will think about it. Actually he will. He will be very annoyed. The Council meeting on monday will be fun.......

26/8/17  George Robinson Handicap and Scratch Trophies

The news that the sprinkler system will improve the greens for next year is welcomed , obviously the level of rain this year hasnt been enough. Which is surprising. Todays weather was bright and nearly windless and it brought three net 68s , with the better inward half of Nick Morely's 77-9=68 winning him the Handicap Trophy. Jim Robertson and Andy Montador made too many mistakes coming home which prevented either of them entering the winners enclosure this time
The Scratch Trophy went to David Wilson 74-4=70. An excellent round was marred by a 6 at the last. A par would have won him both prizes. That will teach him to take a phone call from his wife on the course

5/8/17  August Medal

A cold start to the round but the sun came out later and the conditions were fine for good golf to be played. The greens are still patchy and not running particularly well but they  weren't a problem for
 Robbie Mott 82-17=65 who won todays medal with a better inward half  than John Wallace also net 65.
Robbie gets a lower handicap and is one of the few members who are going that way. I wonder why. Answers on a postcard.....

29/7/17  Captains Prize

Suave , sophisticated, debonair and good looking David Marr 81-16=65 won todays competition with the sort of golf that most B and C members can play , but just not that often. When it happens though the pie and beans always taste better. Rounds like this is all it takes to lower ones handicap and to act as a springboard for the bigger and better things that we all know David is capable of.
I am sure that Ronnie has a wonderful prize waiting for you. Plus a new 14 handicap.  You deserve it.
Was that ok Davie......?

EWGC The Open 2017.xls

1st Dave Clark £60
2nd Martin Morgan £30
3rd Andy Rennie & Victoria Marr £7.50 each

Hollie Greenfield was also joint 3rd but missed out in the tie break as her captain (Paul Casey) scored -3, whereas the other two's captain (both had Jordan Speith) scored -12.

22/7/17  Peter Robinson Trophy

The putting surfaces haven't been good over the past few weeks but it seems that we just have to green and bare it.....
It rained as was forecast and at times , when the mist rolled in , it looked like a winters day but with the correct clothing and a cheerful attitude we played through it. None more so than the winner of todays competition John Ralston 69-1=68 whose four birdies took him to 8 gross shots better than his nearest competitor.

20/7/17  BHA Matchplay

The Gold section final  was won by John Ralston with a 7+6 victory. John played mostly par golf and made things look easy to win another Trophy on the Braids
The Bronze section final was played between two of our members Viny Gill and Derek Baird. Mostly all square through the round it took some midweek magic from Derek who chipped to within inches of the hole at the last for a one hole win.

15/7/17  Tommy Armour Putter

The BBC  weather website was forecasting  heavy rain all morning but it actually only rained a few times and not that heavily. Contact the Secretary to claim a refund on your license payments. Mr Baird walked off after 9  and  gave the money to my playing partner, who I subsequently beat on a double or quits bet over the back 9. But enough about me. Scott Robinson 76-11=65. like the rest of us has been  going up 0.1 every week for the last few months but  finally called a halt to it with 12 fours and a birdie, which says to me that Tommys excellent putting rubbed off on him. Ask Scott for the opportunity to use the putter in the glass case to lower your score....

1/7/17  July Medal

The school holidays have started so it must be summer and although the wind blew abit,  the morning was sunnyish and warmish. Never out of the top 5 in the last month and hardly ever out of the top 10 all year Robert Kay 70-6=64 won the July Medal. Rab played the front nine in an average, for him , 3 over but came back in a superb 3 under to take the money,  the Medal and a lower handicap.

24/6/17  June Medal

Once again the weather had a big part to play in todays competition. Nearly half the competitors returned a no score and handicaps went up again. However, todays winner  Andrew Wilson 80-8=72 mastered the conditions and even managed a birdie as well which meant that  it was a handy round for Andy.....

17/6/17  Summer Competition

Those who have played with him know that the first is not always his best hole and so it proved to be again with a 7.  However two birdies in the next six holes gave him some encouragement and from then on Alan Crawford  85-22=63  played as well as he had for some time and ran out a very comfortable winner. Alan has had his handicap cut by two shots. Lets see him do it again......

10/6/17   Stableford

After a week of torrential rain, the course being closed , finals not being played etc it was hoped that the saturday would be dry .No chance was the rain gods decision and it was a bit of a miserable day with scoring low and nobody playing to handicap, apart from Alan Kay 37pts who played better than all the rest to win todays competition. Alan has been getting frustrated with his golf recently so this win might help to regain his enthusiasm for a few weeks more.

Texas Scramble
Sunday 25th June
Times from 12pm
£20 per team
Guest rates £13
See sign up sheet in locker room.

3/6/17  Summer Medal

The weather defied the forecast, the sun shone, the wind didn't blow and the heat was on.
Tensions were high with the up and coming Championship week and Doubles matches being played. One person didn't give a flying duck and played as he usually does.
 However this time James Cunningham 71-7=64 won the Summer Medal after so often being there or thereabouts over the last few months. It was a pleasure to watch straight long drives and the skillful use of a rescue wood on off the green putts. Maybe Derek should change the odds.......

Sivewright Quaich
The weather was glorious and so was the golf as the Western ran out 6&5 winners at Murrayfield vs hosts Scarifiers Golf Club. With the back pair of Ronnie & John securing a half on the 15th to remain 1up, the front pairing of Me & Derek won the 16th to go 5up and secure victory on our maiden venture into the competition.

An away tie to RBS (venue TBC) awaits us in the next round.

So much for team colours!!!!!

Matchplay Round Up
A belated mention for Jim Robertson who won the Winter Singles with a fine victory over Andy Montador. With a medal and stableford victory under his belt since the turn of the year along with a couple of near misses and now a match-play title you can see why he's the favourite for this years B Section. In fact his 6 handicap counters this year has seen a worst score of 34pts (82), with the other score being 79, 79, 80, 81 & 81, talk about consistency.

Andy has taken the form that got him to the winter final into the Lothians Handicap Matchplay with a 1 hole victory against David Gilroy at Corstorphine and a 2&1 victory against Jamie Boyle at Liberton. Another away tie in the next rounds sees him face off against David Brotherston at North Berwick.

John Ralston unfortunately went out of the Lothians Champion of Champions tournament as he was edged out on the 2nd extra hole at Dalmahoy against their champion Rory J Smith.

24/05/2017 Wednesday (stableford) Competition
Making his first appearance since his handicap allocation last year Ryan Praino picks up a win with 37pts, a full 4 points clear of the rest of the field. He also had a 2 but had chosen not to enter the sweeps so Garry Money gets the money with 33pts and Steven Park picked up 100% share of the 2's sweep (Nice one Ryan, I owe you a drink (as long as it's just a juice)).

26/05/2017 Sivewright Quaich
Having scrapped through on extra holes in the first round against bye, the Western makes it's first ever appearance with an away tie to Murrayfield against Scarifiers Golf Club. The 4 man team was selected from the highest B & C section players from last years Handicap Order of Merit. With the losers paying the green fees Steven Park, John Wallace, Derek Baird and Ronnie McIntyre will be hoping to leave their wallets in their pockets (editor: no change there then).

Dispatch Trophy and Club Championship pages updated.

13/5/17  Louis Mair Trophy  and 3rd Championship Qualifying round

The good weather ended and the early starters were met with a mist which stopped them from seeing the flags on the green for the first six holes. Conditions improved though and the race was on for the last remaining places in this years Championship. Weel kent names dropped out and other members happily took their places. None other than Matt Davidson 73-7=66 whose three birdies in the last four just edged out Nick Morely's similar net score and  which put Matt into the last eight.
Derek the Bookie is now open for business.......

 6/5/17    May Medal

The fine spell of sunny weather continued albeit with a coldish wind stopping the ball from flying as far as it might. No such problems for  Robert Kay 72-5=67  though who beat James Cunningham also net 67 with a level par second nine. Rab was a Championship finalist two years ago and is obviously wanting to go one better . On this form who would bet against him.......

29/4/17  SGU Qualifier and Championship Qualifier 2nd round

The last saturday of preferred lies and a dry but cold windy day brought
Gordon Crawfords 72-8=64 best round for a long time , if ever.  A model of near consistency won Gordon the SGU Qualifier and will be partnered by Andrew Rennie net 67 in a possible tournament  winning partnership. Enjoy your free meal and drink guys.....

22/4/17  Centenary Trophy

A month until the Dispatch and with the course looking better this weeks scores were an improvement on last weeks.  David Wilson 71-4=67  won this weeks Trophy helped by a one under par back nine and superior count back from Vinny Gill also net 67. David is consistently near the top of the Leaderboard each week  and as such could be a good bet for this years Championship..........

14/4/17  April Medal and Championship Qualifying

On the day of the first qualifying round for the Championship , 30 players turned up to a sunny but windy morning. One member mastered the conditions and produced his best round ever, so much so that he won by 7 shots from his nearest competitor. Steven Smith 88-25=63 was the winner of  the April medal and becomes the favourite for the C section. Derek the Bookie might think differently though....

Masters 2017.xls
Final Standings

1st F Craig £60
2nd Sandy McFeat £30
3rd Alan Crawford £15

8/4/17  Allermuir Open

After faltering at the final  two holes last week and not winning as a result, his tee shot at the 17th hit the hill on the right of the green, bounced left, ran along the edge then fell down the bank. His usual trick of putting it  back up  finally worked and left him a mere 2 feet from the hole for a par, which in the end was  the difference between winning and losing.
Whats his name?.... sorry.... Duncan Wells  81-12=69.........by the way, I taught him all he knows

2/4/17 February Medal

In direct contrast to the first attempt at playing it, the weather this time was sunny and dry. An Andy won then only to find that not enough players played and so it didnt count. This time his namesake  Andrew Rennie 71-5=66  won with a near flawless round and with plenty of strokes to spare over his nearest rivals.

1/4/17  Sandy Black Trophy and Glenlivet Scratch

On the day when the white tees went back, the back nine caused all the problems. If Duncan Wells hadn't double bogeyed the last two he would have won with a better inward 9. Danny Cameron 74-6=68 only bogeyed the last two and won the Sandy Black Trophy.

If Danny hadn't had those bogeys he would have also won the Glenlivet , but he did, so with a better inward 6 David Wilson gross 74 won the Scratch.

25/3/17  March Medal

The best conditions for some time brought the best scores for some time , none other than
 Andrew Wilson 74-8=66. Playing in a Doubles tie at the same time gave him added incentive to play well and with his back nine of level par with two birdies and a double bogey on the last he managed to do that. The result of the tie wont be mentioned.

19/03/17 Invitation Texas Scramble

On a fine but windy day Yid Army were the cream of the crop with a 9 under par round for 61-3.7=57.7 and a 2 shot victory. A run of 5 straight birdies on the back nine and the only par any team got on the 6th made them to hot to handle.

18/3/17  Spring Medal

A fine rain spoiled good conditions but not for Steven Smith  90-25=65.  This was Stevens best round for over a year and it just shows what happens when you dont play with your normal playing partners. He even finished his round with a birdie which as well as making new friends it topped off a fine morning.

11/3/17  Western Tot

A return to the summer course and good weather conditions brought alot of less than average scores. However two members played well enough to score 39 points, with Danny Cameron winning on countback.  James Cunningham just needed a bogey at the last  but NR'd instead which made it a sweet and sour moment.......

25/2/17 February Medal

For those who looked at the weather forecast on Friday or up until 6am on Saturday then the wind and rain were going to be of monsoon proportions. However if you looked at 7am onwards then the world wasn't going to end. The 6 who had a strong mental attitude and the correct clothing turned up on the tee at 8am.

Yes there was a gusty wind and yes there was a fine rain but it was never going to stay that way. There were no puddles or standing water.  By the 10th, there was no fine rain, we had lost one but then the rainbow appeared and the sun came out. It was a great place to be.

The leader in the Clubhouse was Andy Montador with an excellent, in the conditions, net 68. It would have been Andy's first Medal win but unfortunately there weren't enough scores for it to count. Andy knows where you all live....... 

18/2/17 Stableford

Rarely out of the top 5 for the last few months David Wilson  41pts wins this weeks Stableford. Despite a windy day and the bumpy greens of the Wee Braids David put up a fine show to  wear the wedding dress instead of the bridesmaids

11/2/17  Stableford  -  Course closed, no play due to weather conditions

4/2/17  Stableford

On a cold and windy day three players tied on 39 points. Jim Robertson won with the better countback but the money will be shared between them. Jims handicap will be cut again which leads on to reminding members that the computer shows your summer handicap and if your current [winter] handicap is less , or more, then you should change the on screen handicap figure to the current correct one using the on screen button. Otherwise you may think you have won, when in fact you havent.

28/1/17   January Medal

On a windless but damp day Jim Robertson  70-10=60 won the January medal with an excellent front nine of 32 where he could no wrong. A slightly less spectacular back nine still meant that he won by 5 shots from the trailing  pack whose scores would have normally won them the competition. Mild mannered modest Jim bought a diet coke then went home. Thats class.

21/1/17  Stableford

After winning two competitions in december and getting cut by 3 shots in the process, John Livingstone 40pts , won todays Stableford. John lulled us into a false sense of security by giving us a chance over the last four weeks but in todays crisp  bright sunshine he played the sort of golf that will take him into the Bs. Letters to the Handicap Secretary.

14/1/17 : Course closed due to snow and ice

7/1/17 : The TCB Cup was won by James Cunningham with a 69-7=62.  A superb near par round means that his handicap is cut to 6.2. James won the admiration of his fellow members but no winners purse as this was a drawn sweep. The financial winners were  K.McDonald, R.Wilkie, J.Wallace and S. McFeat

31/12/2016 - New Year Stableford

Brian Reid
was the final winner of the year with 36pts. With only 1 dropped shot through 8 holes Brian was in fine form before a run of bogey's looked to derail his chances, however a birdie at the 18th got Brian over the line by 1pt.

27/12/2016 - Tuesday (Xmas) Stableford

While the weather stopped anyone playing on the Saturday it had calmed down enough by Tuesday for Robin Wilkie to pick up the win with 37pts. A steady round of golf made for a 2 point win even with a triple bogey at the last.

17/12/2016 - Stableford

Robert Kay & Andrew Wilson shared the spoils with 38pts. Rab would have been the victor on countback thanks to Andy having an NR up the last. There was also a 4 way tie for 3rd with 37pts so well done on winning £1.25 each.

Highlight of the day was Rab getting 3 birdies in a row to get his score back to 1 over through 10 or to look at it another way after being 4 over through 4 he played the next 14 holes 1 under par.

10/12/2016 - Christmas Raffle

The draw was made today and here are the winners are;

1st Norman Inglis - hamper
2nd Gillian Curnie c/o Colin - hamper
3rd John Livingstone - whisky
4th Lorraine Paton c/o Colin - gin
5th Dave Clark - vodka
6th Kevin Devine c/o Ronnie  - bacardi
7th Laura Park c/o Steven - 12 x best
8th Etta Dick - 12 x lager
9th Rab Kay - wine
10th Peter Smith c/o Colin - mystery
11th John Ralston - biscuits
12th Brian Reid - sweets

All prizes are now available for collection from behind bar, so please contact a council member. If you sold a ticket to a non member and they've won a prize can you arrange to collect and pass prize on to winner.

Last count I'm aware of we'd sold 560 tickets which sees the raffle continue the success of the first 2 years (591 tickets in 2014 and 521 tickets in 2015).

10/12/2016 - December Medal

John Livingstone was the winner with 78-17=61. Without trawling the records or debating if course was playing easy/hard etc, I feel confident that this is the best follow up to a great round (relative to handicap) in my time at the club if not in the history of the club.

Having carded 80-18=62 the previous week (42pts) for John to take 2 shots off his scratch score and set a new personal best of 10 over is quite the achievement. Both rounds have seen the back nine played in 8 over par so there's every chance that the best is yet to come.

John's previous best scratch score was 11 over when he won the Alan Morrison Trophy by 8 (EIGHT) shots on 27 September 2014.

Alan Morrison Trophy - 2014.pdf

27/11/2016 - November Medal

Brian Kennedy was the winner with 68-6=62. Despite starting with 2 birdies Brian was over par through 6, but picked up 4 more birdies to play the next 12 holes 3 under par and set a new personal best. This is the 3rd time since joining the club that Brian's broken par and on the previous occasions (Sept 2015 & April 2016) he carded 69's.

01/10/2016 - October Medal

Robert Kay was the winner with 71-6=65. A stunning round of golf saw him card 5 birdies in the first 11 holes before a treble bogey at 13 looked to have halted the momentum, but Rab bounced back with a 6th birdie at 15 as he ran out the last 5 holes in par.

There's been a number of events played since the website was last updated and a list of the Stableford event winners is below.

24/09/2016 - John Livingstone 37pts
15/10/2016 - David Marr 33pts
19/10/2016 - Andrew Wilson 37pts
22/10/2016 - Duncan Wells 40pts
29/10/2016 - Robin Wilkie 40pts
05/11/2016 - Danny Cameron 39pts
12/11/2016 - Viny Gill 36pts
19/11/2016 - Danny Cameron & Brian Reid 38pts
03/12/2016 - John Livingstone 42pts

Robert Kay won the Summer Singles beating Colin Mackay in the final. This means that between him and winter partner Andy they hold 3 of the 4 handicap matchplay titles. There was no possibility of holding all 4 as they didn't partner each other in the Summer Doubles. Certainly a pairing to watch out for in this years Winter Doubles.

There was a 3 way tie in this weekends Stableford with Robert Kay, Alan Kay and Andrew Rennie all on 39pts. All 3 birdied the last (except Robert) to scoop a share of the cash.

Andrew scooped more than just cash though as he also picked up the Summer Doubles title for the 7th time with a narrow 6&4 victory over David Wilson & Ben Stenson. His current caddy (Steven Park) has witnessed 5 of the wins with George Wood and Alan Midwinter serving as Caddies for the titles 1 and 2 respectively.

Ronnie McIntyre & Robin Wilkie finished 6th with a 67 (par 71) at West Lothian to qualify for the Captains and Secretaries Grand Final at Glenbervie GC. See link for results and scorecards. http://www.golfbox.dk/livescoring/tour/?language=2057#/competition/664641/results

The Gibson Ladies are playing a week later than normal this year so the course will be closed on 8th & 9th October. As such the October Medal has been brought forward to 1st October.

This years winter times will take effect from 15th October and I'm pleased to announce that we'll have a block of 6 times this winter instead of the usual 2 blocks of 3 times. Our 1st time will be the same as previous years with us now having 6 of the first 7 tee times this winter (BU have 1st time as usual). See attached for more details.

winter times submission 16 17.xls

Allermuir Members Day 2016.doc
There's currently 4 spaces left for this years Allermuir Day and details can be found in the attached doc.

Rankin Taylor won the Autumn Medal with 73-8=65. This ties the lowest scratch score Rankin has had since we introduced the scoring software in 2012. The previous times were good enough to win the Captain's Prize (June 2014) and the Tommy Armour Putter (July 2014).

This was also the final round that counted towards the Order of Merit titles with David Wilson retaining the Scratch by 8 shots with 434. Robert Kay picked up the Handicap title by 3 shots with 404 (would have been 401 if not for the DQ the previous week).

Gordon Crawford won the September Medal with 75-8=67. The big story of the day was the 3 players disqualified for not signing their cards, one of whom (Robert Kay) would have won the medal on count back had he signed his card.

Ben Stenson was the days other winner picking up the Shand Cup by virtue of being the only person to win more than 1 of the monthly medals.

Andrew McLelland won the Winter Singles after a narrow victory over Alan Murray.

Colin Mackay won the George Robinson Handicap Trophy with 81-13=68. A bogey at the last saw Colin drop back into joint first and despite an 8 at the 14th his 5 over back nine was enough to clinch the win on count back. The man he pipped (Gordon Crawford) could at least console himself with the fact that hi scratch 76 was good enough to win the George Robinson Scratch Trophy.

Disclaimer - this is not a work of fiction, it really happened.

Alan Kay
won the Wednesday Stableford with 44pts. Despite carding a 10 at the 11th (without losing a ball) Alan's 91 scratch is his 2nd best score since an 87 in the previously mentioned Autumn Medal in 2012.

Andy McLelland and Robert Kay were all business as they ran out comfortable winners in the much delayed Winter Doubles final. With Andy due to play the Winter Singles final can he do the double?

Andy McLelland won the Alan Morrison Trophy with 76-8=68. After an error strewn front nine, Andy came back in one under par and thanks to a birdie at the last won on count back from close friend/rival Robert Kay (who had the misfortune of bogeying the last, ouch).

Danny Cameron won the August Medal with 69-6=63. They say form is temporary and Danny proved the point as he played the back nine 2 under par to break par for the first time since the September medal in 2014. This is the 5th time Danny's broke par since the we introduced the scoring software in June 2012 (all 69's). 

September Medal - 2014.pdf

Jim Robertson won the Wednesday Stableford with 40pts. 12 pars made for steady scoring as Jim carded a scratch 76 which ties his best competitive score since the Autumn Medal in 2012.

Autumn Medal - 2012.pdf

Andy Rennie won the July Stableford with 35pts. The wind got up and nobody really seemed to cope with Andy's consistent scoring seeing him narrowly pip the 5 players on 34pts.

Brian Kennedy won the Wednesday Stableford with 35pts. Bad weather saw for a reduced field and tough conditions.

Fixture Change - Harrison Open on 20th August so Alan Morrison Trophy brought forward a week to 13th August. Entry forms on Harrison website http://harrisongolfclub.org.uk/?p=332

Kevin MacDonald won the Peter Robertson Trophy with 73-6=67. A level par front nine with 7 pars on the card made for some steady golf. However a run of dropped shots in the middle of the back nine looked like they might derail his round, but Kevin steadied the ship to play the closing stretch in par for yet another win and a move to 1 shot off the lead in the Handicap Order of Merit.

It was double delight for the club in the BHA Championships with John Ralston winning the Gold section final 3&1 and Viny Gill winning the Bronze section final 4&2. One other highlight was John getting a hole in one on the 2nd in the Semi Final against James Cunningham.

The Open 2016.xls
Final Standings. 108 entries so £111 raised for the club.

1st Hemant Bhavsar £60
2nd Colin Benson £30
3rd Denise Gilhooly £15

The winning score was -23 and despite Henrik & Phil shooting -37 between them, nobody that picked both of them got near the prizes.

David Marr won the Tommy Armour Putter with 86-15=71. The wind was back with a vengeance with NR being the most popular score, only Andy Rennie breaking 80 and Kevin MacDonald losing a wedge (and a phone). David however kept his cool and proved to be the most adept at taking his chances and limiting the damage to keep up a recent return to form that's seen him cut twice and buffer 3 times in his last 6 outings (in fact he was only 1 shot away from buffer in the other round).

Kevin MacDonald was the best of The Western in the BHA Qualifier with 72-7=65. The front nine was bookmarked with bogey but offset by birdies at 3 & 4, before birdies at 10 & 11 got him to 2 under par. Unfortunately a couple of pushed tee shots saw the final 5 holes played 4 over par, but that wasn't enough to stop Kev moving to his lowest handicap yet of 5.7. 

Garry Money won the July Medal with 80-13=67. On a very windy day Garry birdied 10 and 11 to get to 2 over par and then clung on as the closing stretch played it's hardest for a few months. Garry's score was so good that he was 5 shots clear of the rest of the field.

Kevin MacDonald won the Wednesday (stableford) Competition with 44pts. An Eagle at 11 saw him 3 under par through 12 and I'm reliably informed he made every effort to protect his handicap in the closing holes where he picked up 3 bogeys to go round in par.

For over 2 months a lone 66 (net) was the best competitive score since the return to the summer course but it's safe to say the floodgates have well and truly opened with the last 3 weekends being won with 64, 63 and 63. All 3 weeks the runner up has had a 66.

Robert Kay won the Captain's Prize 69-6=63. 4 birdies on the front nine saw Rab two under to the turn before bogeys on 13 and 17 look like robbing him of his first competitive sub par round, but a closing birdie got the job done. This is Rab's best competitive scratch score since joining 2 years ago and also sees him drop to 5 for the first time (5.2). Despite joining the club with an existing handicap of 6.1 Rab had rose to as high as 8.6 just 12 months ago, which really underlines how much his game has come on in recent times (he was actually back to 6.1 when he teed off on Saturday).

The rumour is that this years prize is to be Ronnie's Vice Captain, well done Rab.

The Open 2016.doc
Entries for this years Open Sweep to be handed in by Wednesday 13th July.

The Wednesday (stroke) Competition saw a 3-way tie with Gordon Crawford (75-8=67) emerging on top by count back. George Wood (77-10=67) and Robert Kay (73-6=67) were 2nd and 3rd respectively.

This was also the day of the Allermuir Qualifiers, see Allermuir page for more info.

Sandy McFeat won the George Burnside Trophy with 72-9=63. The only real blemish on a tidy front nine came from a double bogey at 5, but 3 birdies on the back nine gave him a comfortable victory. It's also Sandy's lowest competitive score since we introduced handicap master, with his previous best being a 73 in the exact same competition 4 years ago. That score was good enough to pick up both trophies (see PDF below).

Summer Competition - 21 July 2012.pdf

This year it wasn't to be the double as David Wilson had his 3rd straight competitive 70 and while his net score (66) saw him with his 3rd consecutive runner up finish, his scratch score was enough to win the Barry Gill Scratch Trophy. David also moves into 1st place in both Order of Merits

Brian Kennedy won the June Medal with 70-6=64. With only 2 bogeys during an almost flawless round which were offset by birdies at 11 and 16, he became the first person to shoot better than net 66 on a Saturday since the return to the summer course.

Match-play complete, see Club Championships page for results.

Derek Baird won the Summer Medal with 85-18=67. Despite 2 lost balls Derek made the turn only 1 shot over handicap and more consistent play on the back nine was enough to claim a count back victory from Alan Kay (94-27=67) as well as remind everyone why he's number 1 seed in the C section.

David Wilson picked up another stableford win with 39pts at the away day at Musselburgh GC.

Kevin MacDonald won the Phoenix Trophy at Duddingston with 81-9=72. There was a 4 way tie for first with Kevin's 2 over par back nine beating the rest. James Cunningham was 2 shots behind in 6th place.

David Wilson won the May Wednesday Stableford with 42pts. A birdieless front 9 that was ended with a double bogey for 4 over par certainly wasn't what David was looking for, but a 5 under par back nine for a scratch 69 put the smile back on his face.

Robert Kay won the Louis Mair Trophy with 74-7=67. A very steady front 9 saw only 2 bogeys and a number of near misses for birdie that Rab was left to rue as a run of 3 over for the next 5 holes left him in danger of missing out on the Club Championship, before he picked up birdies at 15 and 17. With qualification and the win in the palm of his had he proceeded to take 5 off the tee at 18, but the first ball was found and after taking a back in line drop on the 17th he manged to salvage an unlikely bogey, the win and 2nd seed.

See Dispatch Trophy page for this years draw and our teams.

Steven Park won the May Medal with 80-14=66. A bad start was followed by a run of 2 over for 8 holes, before back to back doubles bogeys, but a another good run of par for 6 holes meant even a 3 putt double at the last didn't cost the win and a return to my lowest handicap of 12.

The club is planning to place an order with Image Scotland for clothing with the club logo embroidered on them. Sample items are behind the bar and their full range can be found on their website www.imagescotland.com.

When looking on their website the prices are excluding VAT (so add 20%) and the price you will pay is for orders of 25+. A supply of order forms will be placed in the club along with envelopes. When placing an order put your form and payment into an envelope and pass to a council member or post in the Match Secretaries box in locker room.

Matt Davidson won the SGU (formerly Belhaven) Qualifier with 74-7=67. A steady round with few mistakes moves Matt into 1st place in the Club Championship qualifying and also earns his place at West Linton on 23rd September. Derek Baird finished runner up with 86-18=68 so will also head to West Linton.

Brian Kennedy won the April Wednesday Stableford with 43pts. A birdie at the last gave him a 69 and his first ever sub par round at the Braids. Checkout the gallery if you want to play the "Name that Hole" and "Spot the Green" competitions.

Unfortunately Belhaven are no longer sponsoring their usual events through the SGU so this Saturdays competition is just a stroke play sweep (and Championship Qualifier). Amendment: The events are still running, just without sponsorship.

David Wilson won the Centenary Trophy with 75-5=70. For the second week running it's been a stumble to the finishing line for our competition winner as David went from 1 over through 14 to 5 over four holes later for a count back victory (inward 6). Missing out was George Wood with 81-11=70.

Nick Morley retained the April Medal with 76-8=68. For the second year running he's had the best gross and net score to claim a win and at present top spot in Championship qualifying. Based on previous years 76 would normally be in jeopardy of being surpassed but since the return to the back tees the best we've seen is a 74, so there's every chance this score could be job done. Despite being the best score on the day it could have been a lot better as 9 pars, a bogey on 2 and birdies on 3 & 12 had Nick 1 under par, before a 7 over par run in the final 6 holes.

Masters 2016.xls
  Final Standings

£60 Neil Park
£30 Fraser McKinley
£15 Emily Park

Once I point out Fraser is a co-worker many may question my connection to the 3 in the money considering I'm responsible for running the competition and reporting the results.

Firstly the winners surname is a coincidence, we're not related, he's actually a friend of Chris Gilhooly.
Secondly a copy of all the teams were sent to the other office bearers prior to play on Thursday just in case I or anyone connected to me won.
Thirdly as it's unlikely Fraser or Emily (who's 11) will read this I suppose I could just pocket £45.

Seriously Fraser if you don't ask me for the money I'm keeping it :)

Dave Clark won the Allermuir Open with 85-18=67. An excellent back nine was derailed at the 17th, but Dave regained his composure to make a par up the last for a 1 shot victory. The trophy was actually donated to the club by Dave who won it the first year it was played for so will now have his name on the trophy twice. Talk about an Indian giver.

The Allermuir Dinner that night was enjoyed by all in attendance. Thanks to Dave Clark who despite not being able to attend bought a round for the rest of us with his winnings, and also thanks to Alan Kay for providing the top notch nosh.

Allermuir returns this Wednesday and players should be aware that the sweep is now £1.50 (previously £1). This increase will see a 50% increase in the prize fund for the winner each week.

Nick Morley won the Sandy Black Trophy with 77-8=69. With a double bogey to start the back nine and go 8 over par I've no doubt he wasn't thinking about a win, however he immediately bounced back with a birdie which setup an under par run for the final eight holes and a count back victory from Steve Conn (83-14=69).

The margin of victory in the Glenlivet Scratch was a little bigger as David Wilson won by 2 shots with 75.

Remarkably there were nine 2's in a field of 25, with Jim Robertson picking up a whopping £2.80 for his two 2's. Just a shame that the 2's league doesn't kick off until 16th April.

Masters 2016.doc

Entry forms for this years Masters sweep. Please hand in by Wednesday 6th April.

Ronnie McIntyre will be donating a prize at the dinner to be presented to the player who scores the most 2's across the following ten Saturdays. To level the playing field those in the B section will have +1 added to their total and C section players will have +2 added to their total (based on section you are in on 16th April).

16th April
30th April
7th May
14th May
11th June
25th June
2nd July
6th Aug
3rd Sep
8th Oct

George Wood won the March Medal with 80-11=69. On a very windy day George clinch a narrow victory on count back from Sandy McFeat (78-9=69). Both had very similar rounds as they made the turned 8 and 7 over respectively before coming back in a combined 3 over par.

Yid Army won the Invitation Texas Scramble with 59 - 4.3 = 54.7. 2nd place went to Parky's Aces with 60 - 3.4 = 56.6. The next scramble will be held on 15/05/16.

Viny Gill won the Spring Medal with 80-19=61. Viny joins the growing list of players setting personal bests this year after smashing his previous best of 86.

Edinburgh Council have just announced that Brian Kennedy will be asked to parade the Western Tot through Leith as Hibs can't get a refund on the open top bus or ticker tape.

Tee times for Invitation Texas Scramble next Sunday.

12:01 - Parky's Aces
12:08 - Dicks Pricks
12:15 - Yid Army
12:22 - Raj's
12:29 - It's Woody
12:36 - Liberton Gang
12:43 - A Rennie's team
12:50 - J Robertson's team

Bacon rolls will be on sale for £1 from 11:30.

Brian Kennedy won the Western Tot with 38pts. 3 birdies in his closing 5 holes secured a level par back 9 which saw him come out on top on count back from David Wilson and Gary Cheyne.

Special mention to me (Steven Park) as I picked up my first (and hopefully not last) hole in one on the 17th.

Despite a spirited performance the team were narrowly beaten 2.5-1.5 by Harrison in the final match of this seasons Winter League. Up early in most matches it looked like we were on course to leapfrog Harrison and BU into a Semi Final spot but unfortunately couldn't secure the win.

There's currently 7 teams entered for the Invitation Texas Scramble on Sunday 20th and 7 times have been booked from 12:01. If anyone else is entering a team let me know so that I can book an additional time.

BHA Winter Shield Results

won the scratch with 270. We were 3rd with 278.

69 - David Wilson & Andrew McLelland
66 - John Ralston & Brian Kennedy
73 - Andrew Rennie & Nick Morley
70 - Danny Cameron & Sandy McFeat

Western won the handicap by 3 shots with 273.3 (best 4 scores count)

70 - 2.7 = 67.3 - James Cunningham & Colin Mackay
79 - 5.7 = 73.3 - Duncan Wells & Robin Wilkie
82 - 7.7 = 74.3 - Steven Park & David Marr
81 - 13.3 = 68.7 - Andy Montador & John Wallace
76 - 12.0 = 64.0 - Fraser Mackay & Vincent Gill

Fraser Mackay and Vincent Gill had the best handicap score in the field and the best scratch score in field was 65 by a Harrison pairing.

John Wallace
won the February Medal with 77-17=60. 3 over to the turn a bogey at 12 was quickly followed by an eagle at 13, unfortunately he was unable to par any of the closing 4 holes so had to settle for 7 over and his 4th win over the winter. Not bad for someone who's competitive best was 87 up until 3 weeks ago (new best of 82 was set on 06/02). Early front runner for B Championship???

This was also the last round for the Winter Eclectic and unsurprisingly John also won this with a nett 59.5. Also in the cash were Brian Kennedy and Andrew Rennie who tied 2nd with nett 61.

James Cunningham won the January Medal with 79-7=72. A strong finish to his round saw him pick up a 1 shot victory, that almost wound up a 4th place finish on count back. James initially entered an 81 in the computer but by the time he'd got home and replayed the round in his head realised his error. Fortunately for him the result is based on what's on the card not the computer so no sob story.

Sign up sheet in locker room for BHA Winter Shield (5th March). Scratch and Handicap teams will be announced after 1:30pm on 27th February.

Andy Montador won the Stableford on 6th February with 42pts. A great front nine (4 over, so 23pts) was followed up by a steady back nine to seal his 2nd win of the winter season. John Wallace narrowly missed out on his 4th win (and 3rd on the trot) with 41pts. John Livingstone and Viny Gill will be glad this wasn't the weekend of their doubles tie.

The team picked up an away win at Portobello that with one match left keeps us in with a chance (albeit a small one) of making the semi finals. Sandy McFeat & Gerry Curran won 3&1, Brian Kennedy & Andrew McLelland won 3&2, Andrew Rennie & George Wood got a half with James Cunningham & Robin Wilkie beaten 3&2.

At the time of the Presentation of Prizes the Summer Doubles was yet to be decided. Shortly after Brian Kennedy & Kevin MacDonald beat Robert Kay & Steven Smith.

Due to snow on the course the January Medal will be rescheduled. With Winter League matches the next 2 weeks the Medal will now be played on 20th February.

The team went down 3-1 away to Carrickvale with Andrew McLelland & Brian Kennedy winning their match with holes to spare. The following week against Lochend at home they finished with even more holes to spare unfortunately this time they were on the receiving end. A 5&4 victory for Danny Cameron & Gerry Curran along with a last hole birdie from Matt Davidson (with Andrew Rennie) for a 1up win saw the tie finish 2-2.

John Wallace won Saturday's stableford with 42pts. I'm sure he was pleased to learn that this time it wasn't a drawn sweep.

John Wallace won the TCB Cup with 87-19=68. As well as the trophy John also gets a bottle of whiskey, but what he didn't get was any winnings. As it's a drawn sweep everyone who entered the sweep had their name put in the hat with Vinny Gill getting drawn out first to collect £15. Robin Wilkie and Gordon Crawford were drawn 2nd and 3rd and picked up £10 and £5 respectively.

Derek Baird won the New Year Stableford with 41pts. For the 2nd competition running it was a count back victory and once again it was Brian Kennedy who was pipped at the post despite picking up 3 birdies in the final 4 holes. Derek got off to a poor start and was 7 over for the 8 holes he finished on the front 9, but a 3 over par back 9 was too hot to handle.

Ben's footballing hero pays him a surprise visit to award him with the top of the only club he's ever wanted to play for. (For anyone in any doubt, this genuinely is Ben)

Ben Stenson won the December medal with 97-26=71. It was a count back victory with Brian Kennedy also scoring 71. The win should really have been by a bigger margin though as Ben had a 2 shot penalty for playing the wrong ball and also took an 8 up the last (par 3 tee). On the 9th he was on the green in 2 but assumed the 3 balls on green belonged to his partners and proceeded to play my ball that had finished a few yards short of the green. Unfortunately as my shot to the green had been blind I assumed he knew which ball was his so didn't know to correct him until it was too late.

Andy Montador won Saturday's Stableford with 43pts. A steady front nine was undone by a bad start to the back nine, before a birdie on 13 setup a run of 1 over for the final 6 holes and points aplenty.

A depleted Winter League team were beaten 2.5-1.5 away to Silverknowes. Andy Rennie and his caddy (who won 2 holes) drew their match, with Brian Kennedy & Robert Kay picking up a win. Duncan Wells & Robin Wilkie and James Cunningham (who wound up playing on his own) lost their matches.

EWGC Christmas Draw 2015 took place on 12/12/15 and the full list of prizes and winners can be view on the attached

Xmas Raffle 2015.doc

John Wallace won the Stableford with 31pts. Despite scoring 19pts on the front nine the gale force winds down the stretch proved to much for him, although in fairness nobody got more than 14pts on the back nine.

Colin Mackay won this weeks Stableford with 35pts. On a very cold day with hard greens scoring was unsurprisingly higher than normal so much so that Colin won by 4 points.

The Winter League got under way with 2-2 draw against Braids Utd.

The AGM is on Wednesday 18th November. Please arrive before 7:30pm.

So far £330 worth of tickets have been sold for this years Xmas Hamper Raffle. Last year we sold £591 of tickets and less cost of printing and club bought prizes we raised over £500. With 4 weeks to go there's every chance we can surpass last years totals. While the tickets indicate there will be 1 hamper up for grabs 2 further hampers have been donated on top of the prizes being put up by the club. If anyone wishes to donate a prize please hand it in prior to 12th December.

The draw will will commence approx 2:30pm on the 12th, so make sure you've returned your stubs by 2pm that day so they're included in the draw.

Ben Stenson won the November Medal with 94-26=68. With 26 shots the order of the day is keep the big scores off the card and you've got a chance, which is what Ben managed for 15 holes, before 2 lost balls at 16 looked like derailing his chances. However after dropping 2 more shots at 17 he rallied to get a par into the wind at 18 for a 2 shot victory.

The November Medal was called off due to the 10th hole being fully underwater by the time the later groups reached the green. This will now be replayed on 14th November.

Presentation of Prizes will be held from 7pm on Friday 23rd October. Please add your name to the sheet in the locker room if you are attending.

Duncan Wells won the October Medal with 78-12=66. After dropping shots on 5 of the first 6 holes and seemingly out of contention Duncan rallied to play the rest of the round in par, in fact he played the last 4 holes 2 under par to secure a 2 shot victory from the 5 way tie for 2nd place. Remarkably his score of 7 under (net) for the back nine is only the 2nd best back nine this season.

The Braids is closed for the Gibson Ladies outing (3rd October) so we've got 5 times at Lochend from 9:13. There's still a couple of spaces on the sheet in the locker room. We've also got a poker night from 7pm that night for anyone who's interested.

Robin Wilkie won the Allermuir day with 45pts. He was 3 over scratch for 17 holes with a lost ball at 11 (that was subsequently found when they reached the 13th tee) and a no score at 13. These are both holes he gets a shot on so it could actually have been even better. Special thanks to Derek Baird who let Robin down off his mantelpiece to play.

Andrew McLelland retained the Handicap Order of Merit by 1 shot thanks to a birdie on the 18th giving him an net 68 in the final round of the season. Long time leader David Wilson retained the Scratch Order of Merit by 2 shots.

Gordon Crawford won the Alan Morrison Trophy with 74-8=66. After a good start he dropped 5 shots in 5 holes before playing the final 8 level par for a 1 shot victory. This was the last competition for this years dinner, with the October Medal being the first competition of the 2015/16 season.

Start sheets for Allermuir Day and Lochend are online. Names can be added to the sheets in the locker room until midday Saturday for the Allermuir day and until 8:30pm next Wednesday for Lochend. Thereafter any amendments to made via Steven Park.

Fraser Mackay won the Autumn Medal with 87-18=69. Fraser won on the better inward 6 from Matt Davidson (77-8=69). This was the 3rd title in the last 4 weeks to be decided by count back and highlights just how important it is to finish strong (or at least avoid a mare in the run in).

Competition Scoring Analysis.pdf
  A couple of months ago there was a discussion about how much more difficult the 6th plays compared to the rest of the course and at that time there had been as many birdies on 4 as pars on 6. Today we had 8 pars on the 6th with David Coutts getting the 100th of the Summer season. The attached shows the scoring since the start of April.

David Marr won the September Medal with 82-15=67. This was his 2nd Medal win this season and sees him lift the Shand Cup (awarded for most Medal wins each season). His 4th title this season corresponds with him getting his handicap down to 4 shots lower than the same time last year. You'll be hard pressed to find anyone with a better record this season.

Derek Baird won the Stableford Medal with 40pts. In the umpteenth count back victory in recent times this times the close but no cigar award went to Andrew McLelland. 2 points at the last for Derek compared with Andrews no score proved to be the telling factor on the day.

7 teams played in the 3rd and final Invitation Texas Scramble of 2015, with Yid Army beating It's Woody by 0.3 (54 v 54.3).

George Wood won the George Robinson Trophy with 78-11=67. It was a narrow victory on count back with George playing the last 2 holes 1 under par, compared with Sandy Dick (88-21=67) who played those holes 6 over par.

It was also by count back that Brian Kennedy pipped John Ralston to the George Robinson Scratch. Both players shot 76, however Brian's back nine of 1 over was enough to seal the deal.

Andrew McLelland won the August Extra Medal with 74-8=66. A run of 5 straight bogeys had him 6 over at the turn before 3 straight birdies, 1 bogey and then a closing run of 5 straight pars saw him over the finishing line.

John Wallace won the Wednesday Stableford with 39pts. A run of 5 pars in 7 holes saw him accumulate enough points for the win by the time he got to the 17th tee before he finished with a handicap protecting 7 at the last.

John Valente won the August Medal with 91-25=66. A solid 3 over for the final 5 holes gave him his first win since joining the club last year and it's also the first time he's had his handicap cut so I'm sure he'll be very happy with the result. He currently holds the unique distinction of having never gone up 0.1.

David Marr & Chris Gilhooly represented the Western in the Belhaven Championship at Uphall and finished 5 over par. At time of print they were sitting 51st of 57 with the leaders on -8. For the nosey among us their scorecard can be found here.


Steven Park destroyed the field with a countback (inward 6) victory in the Wednesday Stableford with 40pts. While Brian Kennedy also scored 40pts he did so with many lucky breaks whereas my score was well earned.

Robert Kay won the Peter Robertson Trophy with 70-7=63. After a level par front 9 he then had a run of 6 pars and 1 birdie, unfortunately a pulled tee shot followed by a mid range 3 putt at 17 dashed his hopes of an under par round. He did bounce back to birdie 18 and joins the growing list of players who've set a new personal best this season.

Andy Montador (ticket 33) won the raffle for the 2 ball at Murrayshall. £61 was raised for the club.

Colin Mackay won the Tommy Armour Putter with 76-12=64. A front 9 with only 2 pars was replaced by 7 pars on an almost blemish free level par back 9 that saw him clinch a 1 shot victory, although it was a good as a 2 shot victory with that inward half.

Well done to Gary Cheyne who won the Murrayshall Open at the weekend. 78-7=71 round a par 73 course (on a day when the CSS was 75) is quite the achievement.

The Open 2015.xls
  Open Sweep final standings. Well done to Debbie MacIntyre who clinched the win by 1 point for £60. There was a tie for 2nd between Steven Park (£40) and Rebecca McIntyre (£20) with me coming out on top by virtue of my captain being -14, compared to Rebecca's captain being -6. £88 profit was raised for the club. I wonder if Ronnie will tell them? Now to enjoy the play-off.

Sandy McFeat won the July Medal on a wind swept day with 83-9=74. With winds that even the pro's wouldn't play in Sandy was one of only 9 players who managed to get round all 18 holes without an NR.

John Ralston retained his BHA title in the Gold Match Play. George Wood and Fraser Mackay were runners up in the Silver and Bronze sections respectively.

Well done to Robert Kay who won the Lochend Open with 69-8=61. With a course par of 67 that's quite the performance from Mr McLelland's Caddie.

We've got 7 players into the BHA Championship Match Play. 2 Gold, 3 Silver and 2 Bronze. Other results from the day will be posted once available.

Gold Match play draw (amended).pdf

Silver Match play draw (amended).pdf

BHA Bronze Match play draw.pdf

Andrew Best won the Captains Prize with 71-13=58. 4 over at the turn he picked up birdies at 10, 14 & 15 to smash his previous best (82 which he only just set in his previous round) by 11 shots. I did state at the time of his previous round that he had the potential to go lower but nobody could have predicted this.

Other notables from Saturday were David Coutts taking 8 of his best since joining last year (now has PB of 80), which meant he only spent 3 days in the C Section and Sandy McFeat following up on his first competitive round in the 70's (74) in over a year with his second (76) 3 days later.

Well done to Gary Cheyne who got a hole in one at the 4th at Lochend last week.

BHA Championship Entry Form (1).doc

Entries to be in by 1st July. All entries should be given to me or put in my box along with entry fee and I'll get them to Scott.

BHA Championship Rules 2015 (1).doc

Gareth Brown won the Wednesday Stroke Play with 83-19=64. Since joining the club this is the first time Gareth has broken 90 and had it not been for a run of dropped shots at the end of his round he could have broken 80 at the same time.

The draws for the Allermuir Championship and Shand Cup will be done on Saturday. Championship qualifiers are David Wilson, Sandy McFeat, Andrew McLelland and John Ralston. Shand Cup Qualifiers are John Wallace, Gareth Brown, Duncan Wells, Sandy McFeat, David Wilson, Robert Kay, Robin Wilkie and Andrew McLelland.

Please note that as he didn't play in the Medal John Ralston's 77 doesn't show online but still counts for the Allermuir Championship. Also the online 9 hole sweep scores are based on Allermuir handicaps however Shand Cup is based on National handicaps which means Robin Wilkies nett score for qualifying is actually 42-7.5=34.5 and on count back saw Jim Robertson finish 9th.

The Raj's (63-6.5=56.5) followed up their narrow Scramble win from March with 3.6 shot victory over Dude, Where's My Par!. Can they complete the hat-trick in the 3rd and final Scramble on Sunday 30th August?

Andy Montador won the George Burnside Trophy with 83-20=63. While he's previously had an 82 it was off the yellow tees, whereas his previous best off the Medal tees was an 87 in last years August medal so I would expect he classes this as his new personal best.

Joining Andy in the winners circle was Danny Cameron who won the Barry Gill Scratch with a 70. With 2 birdies, 2 bogeys and 14 pars it's the sort of consistent golf we all strive to play and got the reward it deserved.

John Wallace won the Wednesday Stableford with 36pts. I'd hate to accuse him of protecting his handicap but standing on the 18th tee with enough points for the win John managed to get the lowest score he could get (7) that wouldn't get any more points and thus a larger reduction. I hope the rumours (that I've just started) of a 5 putt from 15 feet aren't true :)

John Livingstone and Robin Wilkie were in action on 9th June at Dunfermline Golf Club in the Belhaven Captain and Secretary event. On one of the best days of the year, weather wise, and on a well maintained and picturesque course they dovetailed well together and played some good golf. So much so that they qualified as one of the top 8 teams, out of 40, and therefore go onto the final at Cruden Bay on 13 October.

Andrew Best won the June Medal with 82-15=67. There's many ways to react to losing a final, but to come out the next day and shoot your best scratch score since joining the club, move from 15.0 to 13.2 and get a 2 during a double roll over week is about as good as it gets. The fact he scored 9 on the 3rd and 7 on the 13th shows the potential is there to go even lower.

Dispatch and Championship sections added to website and new photos added to the Gallery.

Gary Cheyne won the Summer Medal with 85-7=78. For the 3rd Saturday running we had a BIH victory with Ronnie McIntyre finished 2nd with 91-13=78. Gary's 4 over back nine which included a run of 5 straight pars into the wind (12-16) was by far the best back nine of the day. Well done to anyone who managed to get a score and in particular to Brian Kennedy and Duncan Wells who managed to eagle the 6th (I know they got 4's, but in that wind I'm calling it a par 6). Hopefully we get calmer conditions for this weeks Championship ties.

David Marr won the Wednesday Stableford with 44pts. A triple bogey at 9 Marred an other wise solid front nine, before a 1 over par back nine gave him an 8 over total which took 4 shots of the personal best he set at the start of the month and sees his handicap slashed to 14. Now I just need to get £10 on him for the C Section before Derek revises his odds.

Championship draws are now on Master Scoreboard. May the best players win (or failing that me)

Reminder - All 1st round Summer Singles ties to be completed on or before Saturday 6th June.

Brian Kennedy won the Louis Mair Trophy with 74-6=68. For the 2nd week running there was a tie for 1st and for the 2nd week running a double bogey on 18 saw Andrew Best finish runner up on the better inward half. Brian's card was an interesting read with no pars on the front nine yet he was only 1 over par, then 7 pars on the back nine where he was 3 over par.

Well done to Sandy McFeat & Jim Robertson who won the Winter Doubles, beating Robert Kay & Steven Smith in the final

David Wilson won the May Medal with 75-4=71. There was a 3 way tie for 1st with Jim Robertson (81-10=71) and Andrew Best (87-16=71), but David's 1 over scratch back 9 saw him with the better inward half. 5 over after 8 and David had made it clear his score was gone and the rest of the round was just practice. Level par for 10 holes of practice just imagine what he could have done if he'd been trying.

Andrew McLelland, Brian Kennedy and Robin Wilkie were in action at Newbattle in the Scottish Hydro Scramble. 66-6=60 (-9) saw them finish joint 14th with the highlight of the day being Brian holing from 110 yards on the first for an Eagle. full scorecard viewable here http://www.golfbox.dk/livescoring/tour/?language=2057#/competition/191279/completeteamscorecard/249017/288981

Duncan Wells won the Belhaven Qualifier with 75-12=63. Since we started using Handicap Master in 2012 this is the 3rd time Duncan has broke 80 and bests the 76 he shot in March 2013. As well as a place at Uphall in the Belhaven Handicap Qualifier, he's also moved to 2nd in the B Section qualifying as well as overall 6th.

David Marr will Join Duncan at Uphall thanks to his 82-17=65. Like Duncan this was also a Handicap Master personal best, beating the 83 Shot in October 2012. David is now top seed for the C Section.

Currently the Championship cut off's by section are 72-77, 72-83 and 82-95, although if Nick and Duncan choose to play in the main draw the cut off's become 72-77, 79-87 and 82-95, but all this can change in the last qualifier so plenty to play for. Please note that as his handicap has moved up to 9 Andrew McLelland wrongly shows in the B Section, where as your section is based on your handicap at the start of qualification.

Andrew Best won the April Wednesday Competition with 37pts. This is the 3rd Wednesday Competition on the trot without a 2 (July & August 2014), so it's a triple roll-over for the May Wednesday Competition.

Viny Gill won the Centenary Trophy with 88-20=68. In the last 3 weeks he's finished 1st, 12th (4th in C Section Qualifying), 1st, won the masters sweep and probably won the National Lottery. David Marr must be delighted to have drawn Vinny in the singles and the doubles.

Having reviewed his card a number of times I can grudgingly confirm that Nick Morley has not been disqualified so won the April Medal with 72-10=62. There's never a bad time to set a competitive personal best, but this definitely counts as the right time (or not if you ask me) with Nick bettering the 73 he shot in February 2013.

His score sees him as the bookies favourite for the B Section should he choose to play in that section. As always any B or C player who's qualifying score is in the overall top 8 will have the choice of playing in the Club Championship or their sections Championship. With Nick currently sitting as the number 1 seed overall it take something special for 8 players to better his 72 (particularly as his inward half was 35), so looks like he's got a choice to make.

Summer Matchplay draws now online along with the Order of Merit's thus far. As per last year both Order of Merits will be based on the best 6 scores up to and including the Alan Morrison Trophy in September.

Masters 2015.xls
  Final standings. Well done to Viny Gill (£60), Christina Marr (£40) and Matt Davidson (£20)

Viny Gill won the Allermuir Open with 91-21=70 and I can't imagine how his weekend could get any better, oh wait he's just won the Masters Sweep. For the second week running 70 has been enough to win and yet again it was reductions only. Hopefully better conditions for next weeks 1st Championship Qualifier.

Allermuir dinner cancelled due to lack of interest.

Brian Kennedy won the Sandy Black Trophy with 76-6=70. A birdie, birdie finish saw him win by 2 shots and also saw him pick up the Glenlivet Scratch on the better inward half. His win see's him join Andrew McLelland in the Scottish Hydro Scramble. As if that wasn't enough he also clinched the Shand Cup with a 3&1 victory over Fraser Mackay.

As runner up David Wilson would have taken the final spot on the team however can't make and neither can 1st reserve Colin Mackay, so 4th placed Robin Wilkie will be the 3rd member of the team. John Livingstone is now the 1st reserve.

John Wallace won the March Medal with 100-23=77. I'm not saying the conditions were tough, but the best scratch score was 85 and there were only 4 birdies between 23 players (3 of the birdies came at the 4th, along with a lone eagle). Credit to John and 2nd placed Gary Cheyne (85-7=78) for being the only players to break 80 (net).

1st round of the new Allermuir season is this Wednesday (01/04/15). 16:41 and 16:48 have been booked for anyone wanting a game.

Masters 2015.doc
   Entry form for this years Masters Competition. £2 per entry, £120 prize fund. Entries must be returned by Wednesday 8th April.

The Raj's beat Dicks Pricks by 0.3 (56.4 v 56.7) to win the first Texas Scramble of the year.

Robin Wilkie pipped James Cunningham on the better inward half to win the Spring Medal with 80-15=65.

Derek Baird won the Western Tot with 41pts. A 3 over par front nine saw him pick up 24pts and gave him a considerable advantage going into the back nine, which despite the best efforts from David Marr (4 over on back nine for 23pts) was enough to clinch the win by 1pt.

2015 Summer Season.doc
  Things to know for this summer season.

There were joint winners in the Greensome with the pairings of Andrew Best & David Coutts and Robert Kay & Steven Smith both scoring 83-15=68.

Winter Shield pairings - Scratch, B Reid & D Cameron (8:10), D Wilson & R Taylor (8:17), A Rennie & G Cheyne (8:38), B Kennedy & M Davidson (8:52). Handicap, A Kay & A Best (9:13), A Crawford & A Montador (9:20), R Kay & N Morley (9:41), A Murray & F Mackay (9:55). Me and A Rennie drew the balls for the handicap team and he managed to leave me out the team, rule 19 in his near future :(

G Crawford won the February Medal with 78-6=72. Gordon pipped N Morley and A McLelland in a 3 way tie. The big difference between the 3 was Gordon was -1 for the last 2 holes, whereas the other 2 were both 2 over for the last 2 holes.

As 28/02/15 is the Greensome this Saturday will essentially be the last round for the Winter Eclectic, although anyone not in the Greensome can still submit one last card on 28th to try and improve their score.

The draw for the Winter Shield has been moved back a few hours and will be done approx 5.30pm this Saturday (21/02/15). The teams will be put online by 7.30pm. Let me know if you want your name added to the draw. Also on Saturday we've got Man City v Newcastle at 5.30pm followed by the poker night at 7.30pm.

Matt Davidson won the TCB Cup with 72-6=66. 11 pars, 3 birdies, 4 bogeys and level par from the 3rd onwards, it speaks for itself.

Fraser Mackay won the January Medal with 86-17=69. The icy greens made it a challenge to keep approach shots on the green and even harder to putt, which makes Fraser's 2 under par score all the more impressive.

Sign up sheet in locker room for Greensome (28/01/15) and Poker Night (21/01/15). Guests welcome for both events.

The team drew at home to Carrickvale before drawing away to Lochend to complete the winter league season. 1 win and 3 draws in 6 matches ultimately not enough to secure a place in the semi final.

More Stableford results. 03/01/15 - Robert Kay 41pts, 17/01/15 - John Livingstone 37pts and 24/01/15 - Andrew Best 39pts.

Steven Park won the December Medal with 79-14=65. A Jekyll and Hyde performance saw me level par after 7 before dropping 5 shots in 4 holes, this was followed by birdie then eagle on the par 5's before dropping 6 shots on the final 5 holes.

Ronnie McIntrye's idea of a winter raffle saw £591 worth of tickets sold, leaving the club with over £500 of profit. It's a safe bet we'll be running this again next year. Special thanks to John Livingstone and Colin Mackay for organising the hampers and tickets etc, as well as to all who made a donation and/or sold tickets.

Christmas Prize Draw 2014.doc

There's been a number of Stableford's played so far over the winter and the following are the winners. 15/11/14 - Nick Morley 44pts, 22/11/14 - David Marr 40pts, 29/11/14 Derek Baird 43 pts, 06/11/14 - David Marr (again) 40pts and 20/12/14 - John Livingstone 37pts.

The Allermuir Day had over 25 entrants and with David Wilson proving to be the best on the day with 39pts.

In the Winter League the team drew 2-2 with Portobello before going down 1-3 against Harrison. The team can still make the semi finals but would need to beat Carrickvale and Lochend (away) as well as rely on other results.

December Medal will be moved back 1 week to 13/12/14 as Winter League match 06/12/14.

The Winter League team broke with tradition today and won an important game! A local derby against the BU finshed with a 3-1 win to the Western. Brian Kennedy and Kevin Macdonald were six under better ball in winning 5&4 while Robert Kay birdied 15 before holing his second shot at 16 to seal a 4&2 win alomgside David Wilson. Gerry Curran and Gary Cheyne held on to a narrow lead they had held for most of the round to bring the team home. Danny Cameron and Brian Reid went down 3&2. A very encouraging result after losing our first fixture. The next game is another must win against Portobello on 6th December.

As there will be a composite course this season the Winter Eclectic will now be for all rounds played during December, January and February. 

It's been pointed out that 3 of the weekends for the first round of the Winter Doubles have Winter League matches which restricts the opportunity to get a date all 4 players can play. Anyone involved in the Winter League will have an extra couple of weeks to get their tie played if required. Please however make all effort to play all ties as soon as possible to avoid delays (particularly as we can't guarantee the weather)

Alan Crawford won the November Medal with 88-24=64. It's the first time Alan's carded a sub 90 score and makes him front runner for the Winter Bandit award, particularly when you consider he had an 8 on the 2nd.


Allermuir Day.doc
 Draw for Allermuir Day - 16/11/14

David Marr won the October Stableford with 38pts. Consistent scoring through his round saw David 3pts clear of the rest to pick up back to back wins and money behind the bar to buy the first round on Friday night.

Speaking of Friday night if you've not already done so please add your name to the sheet if you are intending to come to this years presentation of prizes. Don't worry if you can't get up to add your name as there's still space for anyone that turns up on the night. £15 payable on the night, 7pm for a 7.30pm start.

Please note the BHA Texas Scramble has been cancelled. Also the Allermuir Day has been moved again and will now be on Sunday 16th November.

 Please see the attached for info on Winter Handicaps, Winter Eclectic etc.

David Marr won the October Medal with 86-18=68. After a week of cold and wet weather, the conditions couldn't have been better, but you wouldn't have guessed so by the scoring with David managing to be the only one who played well enough to be cut. 13 over after 12, he found another gear to pick up 3 pars and a birdie for a narrow victory.

Sheets are up on the door to the bar for those that want to play in the BHA Texas Scramble (Sunday 19th October) and also the Winter Doubles/Singles. Please note only the first 10 names are guaranteed a game in the scramble.

John Livingstone won the Alan Morrison Trophy with 81-20=61. An 8 shot victory and the 3rd best scratch score on the day means he was probably the happiest sporting Captain over the weekend (although Paul McGinley might disagree).

Well done to David Wilson (Scratch - 423) and Andrew McLelland (Handicap - 393) for winning this years Order or Merit titles. Honourable mention to Andrew Rennie who finished 2nd in both (424 & 399).

James Cunningham won the Autumn Medal with 72-8=64. A real mixed bag on the front nine was replaced by supreme consistency to match his best competitive score at the Braids.

Andy Rennie was best of the Shand Cup hopefuls with 70-4=66.

Rankin Taylor and James Cunningham secured the Summer Doubles with victory over David Wilson and Ben Stenson.

Andrew McLelland won the September Medal with 75-11=64. 5 over at the turn Andy took advantage of the conditions to turn it on for a level par back nine and a 2 shot victory. This is his 2nd medal and see's him in a 3 way shootout with Andrew Rennie and David Wilson for the Shand Cup next week.

John Livingstone and Ronnie McIntyre were up in Crail for the Belhaven Best Captain & Secretaries competition, but unfortunately the course won on the day as they carded a nett 79 to finish 33rd of 40.

John Ralston won the George Robinson Scratch and Handicap Trophies with 71-1=70. A spotless back nine of 2 birdies and 7 pars saw him 2 shots clear for the scratch, and BIH winner for the Handicap. Had Danny Cameron played off the correct handicap he would have won with 73-4=69, however the card was marked as 73-3=70.

To clarify the situation if you sign for a higher handicap than you are entitled to you are disqualified, however if you sign for too low a handicap the score stands. Exception to this is for a stableford where you can sign for too high a handicap as you'll only be disqualified if you score any points on the hole where you wrongly received an extra shot. 

Andy McLelland and Robin Wilkie were in action at Newbattle in the Belhaven Club Handicap Championship. 3 over after 5 holes and on a course they'd never played before a bad score could have been on the cards, but 4 birdies and 9 pars saw them turn their score around to finish a very respectable 28th in a field of 60.

Duncan Wells pipped Andy Montador to the August Stableford as both finished with 40pts. 9 over after 14 holes Andy finished with 2 bogeys and 2 triples, compared with Duncan's steady 3 pars 1 bogey to secure the victory on better inward half.

Harrison Open this Saturday (16th), see Harrison for late entry. August Stableford next Saturday (23rd).

Andrew McLelland won the August Medal with a 74-12=62. Having been runner up 5 times (once on BIH) I'm sure he was delighted to finally get the win. All it took was for him to take 5 shots off his personal best, which also makes him the new leader of the Handicap Order of Merit by 3 shots.

David Wilson won the August Wednesday Medal with 35pts and joined the growing list of players who would have felt they were contention at the turn only to put in a far better back nine to secure the win.

Brian Kennedy won the Peter Robertson Trophy with a 74-6=68. 14 pars and 4 bogeys is the sort of steady golf that has seen Brian now rack up 5 titles this season.

Rankin Taylor won the Tommy Armour Putter on BIH with a 73-7=66. This saw him move 2 shots clear in the Handicap Order of Merit. I don't want to suggest Rankin was protecting his handicap, but by playing the wrong ball on the 18th he only got cut to 6.5 (so remains off 7), instead of 6.1.

We've got the Gold and Bronze Champions as John Ralston and John Wallace won their respective match play titles.

Championship Winners & Runners-up 2014.pdf

Ronnie McIntyre won the July Stableford with 46pts. 7 straight pars led to a level par back nine an an impressive scratch score of 76 to see Ronnie finish 4pts clear of the field.


The Open.xls

Well done to Dave Clark who won The Open sweep with -64. Ronnie McIntyre's good weekend continued as he picked up 2nd prize with -58.

Well done to David Wilson, John Ralston, Andrew McLelland, George Wood, Colin Mackay, David Marr and John Wallace who all qualified for the BHA match play.

Cy Dunbar won the July Medal with a 79-14=65. 11 over after 12 holes I'm sure he didn't think this would be the day he broke 80, but a 2 under par final 6 gave him that and a 3 shot victory.

If anyone finds a pair of glasses in a black case can you let Chris Gilhooly know as a guest mislaid them in the club. Thanks

Gordon Hunter quickly got over the disappointment of missing out on the Captain's Prize to lead Hunter's Select to victory in the Texas Scramble with a net 54.1. Special thanks to Alan Kay who came up and performed bar/kitchen duties and even got an outing in to keep the bar busy while we were on the course.

Rankin Taylor won the Captain's Prize with 73-8=65. A season of consistent scoring finally got it's reward and see's Rankin's handicap move from 9.1 to 6.8 in the space of 11 months (of which only 4 months had handicap qualifiers). He's also moved to within 2 shots of Dave Wilson in the Handicap Order of Merit. Rankin don't be surprised if the prize is 24 cans of Belhaven Best and 3 Callaway golf balls.

Brian Kennedy won the June Wednesday Medal with a 72-6=66 and saw his return to 6 last all of 4 days. This was also the qualifier for the Allermuir Championship and the Shand Cup, both of which are viewable online or on the door to the bar.

6 net birdies from John (including 4 in 5 holes) and 1 from me saw us finish -4 in 3rd place (piping Harrison on the inward 9) and secured a place in the Finals at Craighead Links in September. 1 shot better and we'd have finished 1st (on the inward 9), so are rueing both taking 3 off the tee at the 1st (our 16th) for a net double bogey.

On Tuesday John Livingstone and Steven Park will be representing the club at Turnhouse in the Belhaven Best Captain & Secretaries competition. It's a shotgun start from 10.30 and live scoring should be available from 10.30. The top 8 pair qualify for the finals.

Vincent Gill won the George Burnside Trophy with a 86-22=64. 12 over after 7 holes for most it would have been +0.1 and see you next week, but with 8 pars Vincent managed to turn a bad day at the office into as I understand his first ever sub 90 score off the white tees and a 3 shot victory.

John Ralston was the days other winner with a very steady scratch 70 to win the Barry Gill Scratch by 4 shots.

I may be wrong but this could be the first year in the clubs history that the Summer Medal and the Summer Competition have both been played on warm sunny days. Imagine that summer golf in the summer, whatever next.

Allan Swanson kept the good form going with a 84-17=67 to win the June Medal on a day when accuracy off the tee was a must as the wet conditions meant there was a real penalty for going into the rough.

Texas Scramble from 2pm on Sunday 29th June. See sheet in locker room.

Congratulations to John Ralston, Andrew McLelland and Allan Swanson for winning their respective Championships.

After initially falling 3 holes behind John quickly recovered to get back into the match and eventually won the 13th to go 1 up. The next 3 holes were halved before John clinch his 3rd title by winning the 17th.

The B Championship went the distance as an even tighter affair was eventually won by Andrew on the 18th. 1up after 17 he did enough to ensure he didn't lose the hole and became the 3rd player on the trot to win the title at the first attempt.

The C Championship was a more one sided affair as Allan Swanson reportedly played some of the best golf of the night to secure a 4&3 victory.

The line ups for the finals are 5.02 J Ralston v B Kennedy, 5.09 C Mackay v A McLelland, 5.16 R Wilkie v A Swanson. We're guaranteed a new name on the board for the C Championship, but will Brian and Andy give us a clean sweep of new names or will John and Colin show why they've won 6 championships between them.

The Championships finally got into full swing and our semi final ling ups are, 5.02 A Rennie v J Ralston, 5.09 M Davidson v B Kennedy, 5.16 D Legge v C Mackay, 5.23 A McLelland v C Gilhooly, 5.30 R Wilkie v D Baird, 5.37 A Swanson v D Marr.

Congratulations to Alan Murray who scored a hole in one at the Ladybank Open on Saturday. A very tough test of golf where the winning score from 150 competitors was a net two under. Great shot Alan on a tough course.

Gordon Hunter holed from 100 yards at the 15th during a run of four under for three holes to take the Summer Medal with a net 67.

A bad start ultimately led to Silverknowes progressing at the expense of our A team. 7 Down after the 6th it looked like it was only a matter of time, but Andy & Gerry won 8, 9 and 11 to get back to 2 down and Brian & Danny won 8, 11 & 13. losing 9 as they got back to all square and the momentum looked to be in our favour. Unfortunately a tram liner for birdie on 14 got Silverknowes back to 4 up overall and calmed any nerves our revival may have caused. To spare Gerry's blushes I wont mention that as he prepared for his eagle chip/pitch at 16 he slipped and knocked the ball with his club which counted as his stroke.

Well done to the A team for winning their weekend matches and setting up a last 16 tie against Silverknowes. The tie will take place on Tuesday at 4.50pm if you want to watch. The B and C teams unfortunately both went out in the first round.

In the first round they were 2 down after both pairings have played 14, but between them won 4 of the next 7 holes for a 2&1 victory. In the second round Brian and Danny won the 18th to secure the win on a day when weather resulted in a tie being decided on the toss of a coin. http://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/sport/golf/coin-toss-settles-historic-dispatch-tie-1-3422709

Gordon Hunter has had to pull out of the B Championship so slight change to the draw.

Championship draws now online. Please note handicap master use's current handicap rather than those on date of first qualifier so wrongly show Robin Wilkie and Nick Morley in the B Section.

Monday 9th June. 5.02 Rennie v Cheyne, 5.09 Ralston v Cameron, 5.16 Wilson v Davidson, 5.23 Kennedy v Taylor, 5.30 Henderson v Legge, 5.37 Mackay v Park

Tuesday 10th June. 5.02 McLelland v Wells, 5.09 Dunbar v Gilhooly, 5.16 Wilkie v Forbes, 5.23 Livingstone v Baird, 5.30 Mackay v Swanson, 5.37 Marr v Clark

Brian Kennedy won the Louis Mair Trophy with 71-6=65. With no pars after 7 holes they then came like the buses as he had 9 pars in a level par run for home that secured the win and moved him from N/R to 3rd seed and a genuine contender for the Club Championship.

After final qualifying nobody there was no changes to the C section and the B section's only change was Gordon Hunter putting in an 82 that secured 7th spot and moved Duncan Wells out to 9th. There has been a reprieve for Duncan as top seed George Wood is not able to play on finals night so has withdrawn.

The real changes came in the main draw as Brian's 71 along with Gary Cheyne's 74 saw defending champion Gerry Curran finish 9th on the count back. David Wilson's continued good form (once again with A Kay on the bag) secured 2nd seed with a 70 and further mixed up the seeding's.

So as things stand none of the defending champions have qualified for the match play, although in Kevin Macdonald's defence his handicap prohibited him from a defence.

The top 8 qualify and the first time each night will be approx. 5.02. The top 10 in each section will have received an e-mail to confirm availability (or will shortly receive a call if I don't have your e-mail address). Final seeding's and the draw will be published once I've heard back from everyone.

David Wilson made sure he didn't have to rely on the misfortune of others to be in the cash with a 70-3=67 to win the May Medal. After struggling to the turn 3 over, his partner (A Kay) gave him a few pointers and it must have done the trick as he birdied 10 & 11. I believe Mr Kay has taken his cut from Dave's winnings.

Cy Dunbar won the April Wednesday Medal with 38pts to have his handicap cut for the 3rd time in as many rounds, however as his name wasn't in the book the money went to the runner up David Wilson.

Robin Wilkie was the runaway winner in the Belhaven Qualifier with a 76-16=60. This is the 2nd time he's had a net 60 in the last 12 months unsurprisingly makes him the bookies favourite for the C Championship (and worth an each way bet for next years B Championship).

Andrew McLelland pipped Cy Dunbar on the inward half with 79-13=66 to finish 2nd and will join Robin to represent the club in the Belhaven Best Scottish Club Handicap competiton at Newbattle on 22/08/14.

With 2 qualifiers complete it's clear the qualifying for this years Championships is a lot tougher than previous years. Last year the qualifying scores in each division were 72-80, 83-90 and 87-101 respectively, whereas this year it's currently 64-75, 76-86 and 76-90.

David "Grandad" Wilson rolled back the years with a 68-4=64 to win the Centenary Trophy. After being pipped in the March medal I know Dave will be happy that a solid putting display was enough to seal the win.

Andy Rennie scraped to victory in the April Medal with 64-5=59. Level par through 12 Andy managed 4 birdies and an eagle in his final 6 holes for a memorable victory and surely top seeding. Now to phone Derek before he sees todays scores so I can put £20 on Andy for the Championship.

Club Championship scores now online.

Brian Kennedy won the Western Tot by 5pts with 38pts thanks to a scratch 74. Impressive scoring on yet another day where windy conditions saw the rest of the field struggle.

Congratulations to Darren Jones for winning the Masters competition. Darren if you read this I'll have your money when I come into work on Tuesday, if you don't read this then it looks like I'm up £100.


Despite a 7 at the 17th Danny Cameron did the double, winning the Sandy Black Trophy with 72-3=69 and the Glenlivet Scratch. Is this the warm up for the run at that elusive 9th Championship?

The Summer Matchplay draws are below. The draws and dates for each round will be posted in the locker room on Saturday.

Clan Wilson helped with the draw which see's an interesting singles/doubles match up that if the rules allowed it could have seen them decide two 1st round and one 2nd round singles ties as well as a doubles tie in one fourball. Duncan Wells plays against his partner Euan Green and John Livingstone plays against his partner Fraser Mackay, with the winners of the ties playing each other. On top of that the 2 pairs have been drawn to play each other in the doubles.

Summer Matchplay.xls

As all bar one tie was still at the 1st or 2nd round the Winter Singles have been scrapped.
                                                                                                                                              The draw for the Summer singles and doubles will take place tomorrow by 12pm.
                                                                                                                                                To ensure they are completed in a timely manner each round will have a completion date and one or both players from a tie will be removed if the tie isn't played by the required date.
The responsibility lies with both players (pairs) to organise the tie. If there is a good reason why a tie needs to be extended this must be agreed between the players and the match secretary (me) at least 1 week prior to that rounds deadline.                                                                                                                                                                               Failure to do this will result in both players (pairs) being removed (leeway will be given for extenuating circumstances such as course being closed on the date you were due to play).
                                                                                                                                                 In the event your opponent doesn't reply to your e-mails/phone calls notify the match secretary who will attempt to contact them. If they still fail to respond they will be removed and you will be put through to the next round.
                                                                                                                                          Please check your contact details on the sheet in the locker room are correct, and if they aren't, please amend them and notify the club secretary (Dave Wilson) so he can update the records.

Allermuir 2014 season starts this Wednesday.

Brian Reid won the March Medal (and scratch, 2's sweep, kitchen sink) with a 69-4=65. I'm sure he'll be disappointed to hear that he piped the only other person under 70 by 1 shot, better luck next time Dave.

So Duncan wasn't able to make it 3 in a row, but he did finish 3rd, won the B Section and didn't get cut. I see a rule 19 and different sort of trophy in his imminent future.

If you've not paid your subs, make sure and pay them this week.

It was back to back wins for Duncan Wells as he won the Spring Medal by 4 shots with a 76-14=62.

Duncan Wells eventually won the Allermuir Open with a 84-14=70. I say eventually as his score wasn't in the computer so it wasn't until about 10 minutes before the presentation at the Allermuir dinner that Duncan's card was located in the 70 and under box.

It wasn't the lowest of scoring days in tough conditions, so credit to him for winning by 3 shots and being the only person below the CSS of 71.

Well done to Nick Morley for having the only 2 in the Allermuir Open. It's a shame he didn't enter the 2's sweep as there was £60 in the pot, but at least nobody phoned him to rub it in. This will be added to the prize fund for the Allermuir day to be held in (or around) September. Last years prize fund was £140, so plenty to play for this year.

Info re 2014 season in doc below.

Changes 2014.doc

Belated congratulations to Duncan Wells and Euan Green for winning the Winter Doubles.

Scramble Results.doc

In the Winter Shield Harrison won the scratch and Edinburgh Thistle won the handicap.


Winter Shield Results.doc

Harrison all but had the scratch wrapped up with a 10 shot lead after each team had 3 scores and despite their final pair having a 74 they held out for a 6 shot victory. I'm reliably informed that we would have won, had it not been for Danny & Brian Reid (sorry guys just reporting what I was told).

1 shot separated all 4 teams in the handicap with 3 scores each and John and Fraser's net 74 in the worst of the wind looked to have improved our score by enough to secure a win for the Western. However with the Thistle and BU's final pairings coming in with net 72 & 74 respectively we had to resign ourselves to 3rd.

March Stableford was won by Fraser Mackay with 45pts.

Scramble Tee Times.doc

BHA Winter Shield 2014.doc

Gordon has had to pull out the scratch team so Matt Davidson takes his place. Draw has been done for the handicap team and the pairings are as follows. Kevin Macdonald/Steven Park, Sandy McFeat/Scott Robinson, Cy Dunbar/David Marr & Fraser Mackay/John Livingstone. Tee times will be announce once available.

Both winter shield teams are to be submitted by Saturday so the handicap team will be drawn Wednesday night and posted here immediately afterwards. If you've not put your name up and want to be included please let me (Steven Park) know.

February Extra Stableford had joint winners with Danny Cameron & David Marr both having 39pts.

Well done to Brian Kennedy who picked up 2 shots to win the Winter Eclectic.

Scratch team for the Winter Shield is as follows, John Ralston/Dave Wilson, Danny Cameron/Brian Reid, Gerry Curran/Matt Davidson & Andy Rennie/Brian Kennedy.

Entry sheet is up in the clubroom for the Invitation Texas Scramble on Sunday 9th March.

This Saturday is the last chance to improve your score for this years Winter Eclectic

John Livingstone showed his scoring power with 3 birdies (including one from the 12th fairway) to secure the February Medal with a 84-20=64.

It was better late than never as James Cunningham won the January Medal with a 74-8=66. I'm sure his winnings will go towards an alarm clock.

February Stableford was won by Alan Kay with 39pts.

The January Medal was cancelled due to the adverse weather resulting in holes being under water. This has now been rescheduled and will be played on 8th February. For those that put money in for any of the sweeps this will be used the next time you play.

Ben 'The Doctor' Stenson won the TCB Cup with a 87-23=64. He was 17 over after 14 holes, but a birdie on 15 was the perfect setup to playing the last 4 holes to par for a 1 shot victory.

Winter handicaps have been reviewed by council and it's been agreed that anyone who scores 40pts or better (66 or lower) and wins sweep money should have their handicap reduced by 2. This has been applied retrospectively from 02/11/13. All handicaps will be reassessed with a view to them being put back up after winter.

Please note that such an adjustment can't be applied temporarily to Handicap Master for category 1 players so the following will need to manually adjust their handicap before they enter a score. Andrew Rennie - 3, B Kennedy - 4. A note regarding this will be put up by the computer.

New Year Stableford was won by Brian Kennedy with 40pts.

Xmas Stableford was won by Robin Wilkie with 42pts.

David Wilson won the December Medal with a 75-4=71. On a day where it was breezy even for the Braids he was one of only two to return a score.

The Allermuir Open will be held on Saturday 15th March. This is open to guests provided they have a national handicap.

The club are hosting a Burns Supper on Saturday 18th January. Guests are most welcome to what is always a well supported event. Price is £4. See list on notice board and please give money to a council member.

The Western lost 2.5-1.5 away to Lochend in the Winter League. Afraid that's us for another year.

December Stableford was won by Chris Gilhooly with 42pts.

November Stableford was won by Fraser Mackay with 44pts.

Andrew Rennie won the November Medal by 3 shots with 70-5=65, impressive scoring on a day when everyone's putting was put to the test.

An excellent day for the Western on Saturday winning both the scratch and handicap Winter Shields. The scratch team returned a 15 under par aggregate with all four pairs breaking 70. John Ralston and David Wilson also won the prize for the lowest score with a 62.

BHA Winter Shield Results 2013.pdf

Here is the draw for the Winter Shield this Saturday:

Winter Shield draw

When entering ecclectic cards - if you are in a medal or sweep it is your responsibility to enter your score on the computer. If a casual card - played during a match or bounce game - then place your card in the scorecards box. Remember you must put your name in the book.

The Western drew 2-2 with Lochend on Saturday in the first match of this season's Winter League. Danny Cameron was under par as he and Brian Reid won for a change while Gerry Curran and Sandy McFeat left it late to take the last match to make it all square. David Wilson and Gerry Campbell were never ahead and Kevin Macdonald and Brian Kennedy fought hard on their debut but went down 2&2.

Steven Park got the new competition year off to a flyer winning the October Medal on bih with a 76-14=62. Did his best to blow it with a 6 at 17 but Steven won on bih from an unlucky Andrew Rennie who shot an excellent 67-5=62.

The Western's latest foray to the Belhaven Club Championships was captured on film. Gordon's opening tee shot was chosen to begin the highlights. If this  link doesn't work hit F5 to refresh this page then try again.


Sunday saw the end of season Allermuir day won comfortably by Ben (Henrik) Stenson who scattered the field with a somewhat rude 44 points.

Andrew Rennie found some excellent form shooting a scratch 69 to take the Alan Morrison Trophy with a net 64.

The Western were represented at the National Final of the Belhaven Club Championships by Gordon Hunter and Sandy McFeat. They were going very well but unfortunately had a bad hole near the end and finished a very credible 14th, three shots away from the prizes. Well done to both on challenging again as the Western have made a habit of this in recent years. 

Rankin Taylor won the Autumn Medal with a fine net 66. Course in good condition and all enjoyed a good day's golf on Saturday.

Dave Marr sneaked the September Medal with a net 65. Dave again managed to win without getting cut a great deal. Do not play poker with this man...It would take all day :)

Many congratulations to John Bell and Gordon Hunter who made it through to the final of the Belhaven National Club Championships on 20th September by shooting an excellent net 64 to finish third in the regionals final at Baberton last Friday. This is the third time in the last four years the Western have made it through which is excellent given only one on four overall qualify. May be the Braids not so easy after all?!

The August Stableford was won by Flash Gordon Crawford who's net 65 certainly put paid to other's hopes of winning the sweep, including mine. Well done Gordon.

Brian Kennedy shot an excellent 72-8 to win the August Medal

Dave Marr continued a good season by winning the Peter Robertson trophy with a net 70 on bih from Danny Cameron. Dave again manages to win without getting his handicap cut. Hmmm..master hombre?

With the rain starting to freshen up the course the Western was raided by a bandit hombre on Saturday. Nothing wrong with good scores but a net 60 is taking things a bit far. If you see this man beware (mind you he has had three of his bullets taken away). Danny Cameron finished a distant second despite shooting a two-under par 69.

Robhino Wilkiero

Colin Mackay won the Centenary Trophy with a fine 77-13=64 in baked conditions.

Congratulations to Kevin Macdonald winning the BHA handicap trophy with an excellent 70-9=61. Simon Sumner from the Thistle won the scratch with a 68 beating David Wilson by a shot. For full results see http://www.masterscoreboard.co.uk/results/CompetitionResult.php?&CWID=6662&Competition=858

Danny Cameron continued a steady sequence of scores winning the July Medal on a breezy day on Saturday. Another solid back nine of 36 doing the biz.

Kevin Macdonald recovered from a few wayward shots on the front nine to win the July Wednesday Medal with a net 67.

Dave Marr recovered from his unfortunate finish on Wednesday to win the Captains Proze with a very steady net 68. Dave will now receive a stopwatch from Rab at the dinner.

Danny Cameron and Gordon Crawford shared the spoils in the June Wednesday Stableford with Dave Marr and David Wilson taking in Elm Street.

Kevin MacDonald won the June Medal with a net 68 on a dry breezy day on Saturday. Great perseverance from Kevin shrugging off two lost balls to get down to single figures.

Reminder that BHA entries are due in by 3rd July. Entry just £5.

Danny Cameron quickly got over his disappointment in the Championship to win the Summer Competition and Barry Gill Scratch with a 77 net 74 in very breezy conditions on Saturday. Out in 41 Danny decided that he should start building for next year's contest right there and then and proceeded to come back in an excellent 36. All Danny needs to do now is keep it going for the remaining 360 days until the match play starts again. Watch this space...

Gerry Curran won the Club Championship for the second time beating John Ralston at the 20th hole in an exciting climax. One down with two to play Gerry found the 17th green with a perfect downwind tee shot while John missed to the left. Despite John's fine chip Gerry won the hole with a three. Both men left testing putts on 18 but holed. At the 19th John looked to have a chance when he holed a superb 15 footer for birdie but Gerry holed from half that The stiff southerly wind made the 2nd hole tricky and John's tee shot finished on the left apron some 50 feet from the hole. Three putts followed and Gerry won his first title since 2002. In the B final Kevin Macdonald beat Ronnie McIntyre 2&1 and Euan Green continued his good form withstanding a three hole comeback from Robin Wilkie to win on the 18th.

The semi-finals of the Championship saw wins for holder John Ralston and Gerry Curran. John and Danny Cameron had a ding dong battle but John eventually prevailed 2&1. David Wilson won the first two holes against Gerry but that was as good as it got. Gerry's short game was on top form and kept him in the lead for most of the game until David won 16 and 17 to square. A bogey 5 at 18 gave Gerry the chance to progress which he took. In the B Champs Ronnie McIntyre's steady form continued as he beat Tom Hughes by 2 holes while Kevin Macdonald's impersonation of a scratch golfer got going to hump Chris Gilhooly by 8&6. In the C Champs John Livingstone recovered to a degree from being 7 down after 9 but lost 3&2 to Robin Wilkie who will plat Euan Green in the final after Derek Baird's knee gave in with the stress of carrying all the money.

The championship continued on Tuesday with Danny Cameron overcoming Scott Robinson 4&3. In the B Champs Kevin Macdonald played very well to beat Duncan Wells by 6&5 while Chris Gilhooly squeezed through on the 19th against Colin Mackay. Chris who went out at the 19th a year ago feared a repeat after three putting the 18th but held his nerve to get down in two putts from the drop zone while Colin took three from the same spot. The C Champs semi-final line up was completed with Euan Green putting in the performance of the night to beat Alan Kay 8&7. Euan will be hoping he hasn't peaked too early in going out in only 37 strokes but at least saved his energy, and his ears, with an emphatic win.  Ties will start with the A 5:02 and 5:09, B 5:16 and 5:23 and C 5:30 and 5:37.

In the first round of the championship John Ralston began his quest for a third straight title with a 5&4 win over Gordon Crawford. John played steady par golf and gave Gordon few chances to make inroads. In the bottom half of the draw Gerry Curran was one up at the turn against Sandy McFeat. Sandy got back to square after 17 helped on the way by a 2 at 13 but Gerry won the 18th to progress. In the semi Gerry will play David Wilson who won 3&2 against Gordon Hunter. David made a good start holing a 50 footer on the 2nd and was 3 up after 5. Birdies at 7,8 and 10 got Gordon back to one behind but David pulled further ahead thanks to a fortuitous chip in at 12. In the B championship Tom Hughes was too steady for holder Steven Park winning 6&5. Phil Caldwell was narrowly beaten by Ronnie McIntyre who got through by 2 holes. The first match of the C champs saw John Livingstone beat David Marr by 4&2.

Steven Park won the Summer Medal with a net 68. A day of surprisingly high scoring perhaps down to the fact that the course hasn't been this dry for years.

Times for championship first round

Monday 10th 5:09 J Ralston vs G Crawford; 5:16 G Curran vs S McFeat; 5:23 D Wilson vs G Hunter; 5:30 S Park vs T Hughes; 5:37 P Caldwell vs R McIntyre Tuesday 11th 5:02 C Gilhooly vs C Mackay; 5:09 K Macdonald vs D Wells; 5:16 Spare; 5:23 J Livingstone vs D Marr; 5:30 E Green vs A Kay. R Wilkie and D Baird receive byes.

The Western lost a very tight match to Stewarts Melville on Tuesday evening in the Dispatch Trophy. Gerry Curran and David Wilson took an early lead with birdies at 3 and 4 helping them to be 3 up after six. They were pegged back as their opponents birdied 7 and 8. Behind Danny Cameron and Brian Reid had a nip and tuck game and were always close. A very high standard of golf was played with both pairs making several birdies. Curran and Wilson won 14 with a 3 to go three up again but unfortunately lost 17 and 18. The back pair lost 16 and a half at 17 sealed their fate. A commendable effort from the Western team who were no worse than level par overall.

The Western A team beat the B team 4&3 today in the Dispatch Trophy. The B team got off to the perfect start with both teams winning the first hole. All four couples birdied the fourth before Jim Robertson and Gerry Campbell pulled clear of Gerry Curran and David Wilson in the first game by winning 6 and 7. At the rear Sandy McFeat and George Wood were nip and tuck with Brian Reid and Danny Cameron and were one down at the turn leaving the Bs one up overall. The A team played some steady golf over the next few holes to go ahead and the front pair squared their game on 17 as the back pair won 16 to secure the win. Well done to both teams and good luck to the Western A who play Stewarts Melville on Tuesday at 5:10.

In the first round of the Dispatch Trophy today the Western overcame Lochend 4&3 to set up a meeting with Western B in the last 32 on Sunday. Three down early on the front pair of Andrew Rennie and David Wilson came back to win four holes in a row from the 9th birdieing both par fives. Danny Cameron and Brian Reid played very steady on a tight game to keep the score ticking along. Tomorrow's game kicks off at 10:15. Gerry Curran comes on for Andrew Rennie who is going to Hampden for some reason. Much earlier in the day the Western C team - Rankin Taylor, Colin Mackay, James Cunningham and Nick Morley were edged out 2&1 by Kingston.

Andrew Rennie won the Louis Mair Trophy with an excellent 72-6=66. Nine consecutive fours on the back nine too.

After consideration we are going to allow Saturday’s medal to stand but also allow scores from the medal on 8th June, the only available date, to count towards championship qualification. Qualification would therefore be the best score out of the four rounds.  This is the best solution as it gives everyone a fair chance and the best eight in each section will go through. To have scrubbed yesterdays medal altogether would have been unfair on the majority of the field who completed their rounds but this gives another chance to those who were caught in the downpour.  We will adjust the dates to avoid a repeat of this situation next year as we want to have things sorted a few weeks before the match play. Results are on the site and Championship standings are there too.

As some of you will know heavy rain fell during early afternoon yesterday which impacted on the later tee offs. The council will decide soon on what to do regarding this competition. The last time this happened we simply did the medal on those cards returned but on this occasion there is the issue of championship qualification.  For future reference it is worth pointing out that play should not be suspended simply because the weather is unpleasant and that every effort should be made to complete your round.  Play can only be abandoned when the course is unplayable and that occurs when a significant amount of surface water completely surrounds any hole.

David Wilson came out the traps like a lame fish but recovered to win the May Medal with 74-3=71.

The club championship got underway on Saturday with scoring quite high in a cold wind. John Bell shot a great net 66 to take the spoils in what was the replay of the March Medal. This was also the qualifying round for the Belhaven Club Championship and John will represent the Western at Baberton in September along with Gordon Hunter who came second.

The Dispatch Trophy draw sees the Western play Lochend with the B team up against Hailes B. If both teams get through they will play each other! Earlier on Saturday the C team take on Kingston from Liberton. 

Derek Baird continued his fine form to win the Allermuir Open on a difficult day for scoring with a net 68.

Chris Gilhooly was the best of a bad bunch winning the Wednesday Stableford with 31 points.

John Keenan won the April Medal with a net 68 on better inward half from Kevin Macdonald. This was John's first medal as a Western member. How rude! (well done John).

Robin Wilkie won the TOT with 41 points on a thankfully sunny day at the Braids. As well as competition results you can now see the Handicap Order of Merit on Master Scoreboard.

Congratulations to Nick Morley on a superb hole in one at the 9th hole. Anyone playing today will know the 9th was playing long into the wind and was not an easy three.

James Cunningham shot an excellent 72-8 to take the Sandy Black Trophy and Glenlivet Scratch on a frosty cold day. A very steady score in testing conditions. Although James does get cut today the competition was non-qualifying for handicaps as the frost persisted for 10 or so holes for the early starters.

The Winter League team could only manage a draw against the BU and so failed to win the league. This last match of the programme had to be completed over a couple of weeks. With the scores were level after Gerry Campbell and David Wilson completed a 3&1 win and the last game had Andrew Rennie and Gordon Crawford one up with one to play. However their opponents managed an eagle 2 to square the game overall and take the BU through to the semi. The Western team will all regret some missed chances, three putts and even early baths and ended up with one win, one defeat and four draws.

Given the very poor weather forecast for this Saturday we have decided to postpone the Allermuir open. This will now be played on Saturday 27th April with the Centenary Trophy moving to the 20th July. Apologies to all guests who have been invited but as the forecast is snow and freezing cold wind I don’t think there would have been many takers even if the course was open. The dinner will still take place and all are welcome to attend. 7 for 7:30 on Saturday evening.

Talking of poor conditions the Winter League team played the BU on Saturday in the group decider. We tried to complete the game but in the end the slush building up on the greens forced most players off. The match will be completed as soon as possible. Currently it stands 1.5-0.5 to the BU with Gerry Campbell and David Wilson 2 up with three to play and Gordon Crawford and Andy Rennie all square on the 16th tee. If we win both of these matches we will win our division. Congratulations to Danny Cameron and Brian Reid fighting back from three down with four to play to gain that half point. The team were almost heroes to a man!

The Western are still alive in the Winter League. A few weeks ago we needed a peculiar set of results to give us a chance and those results have now happened. We play the BU on the 16th and if we win we top the section and qualify for the semi-final at Silverknowes.

Chris Gilhooly scored a fine net 65 to take the Spring Medal on our return to No. 1 course. Very good score first up on the longer course.

John Livingstone won the delayed December Medal with a net 65. Steady play from John winning by a couple from Brian Kenneday and James Cunningham who both have been shooting well. The Winter Ecclectic played over the three monthly medals on the winter course was won by David Wilson with a nett 58. This was your best score at each hole less 2/3 handicap and full results can be seen on Master Scoreboard at the bottom of the page.

Jim Robertson shot a very steady 70-8 with only two bogies to win the February Medal. Well done grandad!

Danny Cameron shot a fine 68-3 to win the rescheduled January medal pipping Alan Kay.

A return to winning ways for the Winter League team who beat the Thistle 2.5 to 1.5 on Saturday. Front pair Cameron and Reid got a dodgy half but were followed by wins for Wood / Wilson and Campbell / Campsie. The team can still qualify for the semis but it would take other results going exactly our way.

The January Medal has been rescheduled for Saturday 9th February. This plus the February and December Medals, which are now on the 16th and 23rd respectively, will count for the Winter Ecclectic trophy.

David Marr won the TCB cup with a net 68 on Saturday. Colin Mackay won the drawn sweep. If you weren't at the prize giving and did bring a prize then your pick is behind the bar. Al scores are on Master Scoreboard.

The plantations on the Princes holes  - 4, 5 and 6 on the winter course, are deemed plantations and therefore GUR. The trees on the holes from No1 are in play as before however.

The New Year competition will kick off 2013 being played on Saturday 5th January. Every competitor should bring a prize and everyone will win one.

The Western suffered some bad luck and some good play by opponents when drawing 2-2 with Braids United in the Winter League. This leaves us with us much chance of qualifying as Scotland for Brazil 2014. Well ok maybe slightly more chance... 

The Western drew 2-2 with theThistle on Satirday in the Winter League. Gerry Campbell and David Wilson halved the first match and Gary Campsie and Andrew Rennie unfortuneately lost the 18th to also get a half. Three putts at 18 cost George Wood and Danny Cameron their game but Sandy McFeat and Gerry Curran won their game. This combined with the opening narriw defeat at Portobello means it is still in our hands but we now probably need to win the remaining games though these are all at the Braids.

Danny Cameron showed this year's Order of Merit wasn't just a fluke by taking the November Medal with a fine level par 70. Good time of year to peak Dan.

Colin Mackay won the October Medal with a net 71 on a day where frost appeared for the first time this winter.

Nick Morely won the Allermuir Day on Sunday with 41 points edging out Danny Cameron. Several good scores shot and the CSS came down for the only time this year.

Congratulations to Phil Caldwell who won the Summer Singles beating Colin Mackay in the final. For a second year running Andrew Rennie and Steven Park won the Summer Pairs edging out Gordon Crawford and Matt Davidson. Steven produced three birdies in a row at 10,11,12  to turn the game after apparently resting during the front nine.

John Livingston played a very steady back nine to win the Alan Morrison Trophy (presented next year) with a net 69.

Scoring analysis of all competitions played since June

scoring 2012.pdf

Congratulations to Danny Cameron winning both orders of merit this year. Consistent play from Danny who didn't actually win one. Good attendance record then!

OOM 2012.xls

Alan Kay returned to the winners enclosure after many years of trying. Well done to the K-Man who now joins the Hall of Fame on the Gallery page.

Fraser Murray entered the winners enclosure for the first time with a very good 79 to win the much delayed July Medal. Fraser was the only player under 80 on a very windy day.

George Wood won the September Medal with a steady 77-9 on a breezy day.

BHA and Silloth results:

BHA Invitation Silloth 2012 hole prizes.doc

Championship Results v2.doc

Phil Caldwell won the George Robinson Trophy with a steady net 70 on another tricky day. Danny Cameron won the scratch trophy with a 75.

Gary Campsie holed a 20 foot birdie putt on 18 to take the August Medal with a net 67.

John Ralston warmed up for his Champion of Champions semi by taking the Peter Robertson Trophy with a fine net 67. A very steady round with only one bogey and a couple of long birdie putts saw John shoot one under for each 9.

Club champion John Ralston has made ot through to the semi final of the Champion of Champions tournament at Muirfield this coming tuesday 7th August. In the 5th round John beat David Millar of Duddinsgton - congratulations on a great win.

The Tommy Armour Putter was won by David Wilson with a net 70. Tommy Armour was a member of the Western from 1911 before leaving for the US in 1924 and after turning professional won the Open, US Open and US PGA.

The Wednesday medal and Allermuir Qualifier played on Wednesday 25th was settled over 17 holes with George Wood winning with a net 64 for those 17. As the 16th hole was out of play the medal was abandoned. 

Hopefully there will be a temporary green in play for the 28th. If not do not play to the 16th main green as it is too soft. This will not be used for competitions until the all clear is given. 

The BHA will be played on 4th August in conjunction with the Western competition, You can just play our medal if you want. If you also want to play the BHA see notice on the day.

Sandy McFeat shot a fine 73 in tricky conditions to win the Summer Competition and Barrie Gill scratch.

There were 15 holes open on Friday 20th. Competition should be on Saturday though may not be 18 holes - see book.

The July Wednesday medal and Allermuir Qualifier was rained off. This makes four of the last five but the course is was seriously waterlogged. Hopefully a couple of drier days to come. This has been rescheduled for Wednesday 25th July - medal and qualifier. The entries for the BHA champs on 14th July have closed but late entries will be accepted. Remember there is the replaying of the June medal on Sunday 15th July and the club have 5 times from 8:59 that morning.

Andrew Rennie shot a steady 75-6=69 to win the Captains Prize. Andrew now looks forward to a night out with our captain Rab. Danny Cameron finished a close second and receives two nights out with Rab. All scores are now published on MasterScoreboard.co.uk and the link is on the home page and here http://www.masterscoreboard.co.uk/ClubIndex.php?CWID=6560


Championship_2012 matchplay.xls

John Ralston retained the club championship with a 7&6 win over Danny Cameron. On a horrible night of wind and rain John played as though conditions were good and was a very impresive one over par in the conditions. The B final was won by Steven Park who's consistent golf of the week was rewarded with a win over Phil Caldwell. Over the week neither John or Steven played the 15th hole! The C Championship was won by Fraser Mackay over the late Tom Graham (he lost the first due to lateness!).

In the semi-finals John Ralston was two under par beating David Wilson 5&4 while Danny Cameron came from three holes down to beat Gerry Curran 2&1. In the B Steven Park won 6&5 again over Martin Smith while Phil Caldwell played superbly again to see off Colin Mackay. The C final will see Tom Graham, victor over favourite Robn Wilkie play Fraser Macaky who beat Dave Marr, 

The club championship continued last night with Danny Cameron overcoming Rankin Taylor 2&1 after a good battle. The B draw was completed with Steven Park gaining a thumping 6&5 over Duncan Wells and Martin Smith squeezing out Chris Gilhooly on the 19th. In the remaining C ties Tam Graham beat Euan Green and David Marr beat Sandy Dick. Robin Wilkie had a bye.   

In the first round of the club championship on Monday there were wins for John Ralston, David Wilson and Gerry Curran. Scott Robinson started with four 4s but still found himself three down pn the way to losing on the 13th. A tight second match saw David Wilson one up after 10 on Andrew Rennie before two birdies gave him a three up lead which remained. Gerry Curran won three holes in a row beating Sandy McFeat by the same margin. Danny Cameron and Rankin Taylor play tomorrow. In the B Championship Phil Caldwell played golf worthy of the Championship beating Grant Newlands 4&3. Colin Mackay proved too steady for Ronnie McIntyre. One C game was played early with Fraser Mackay beating Alan Kay 4&2.

The club have purchased new handicapping software which will be used for the first time this coming Saturday. Instructions will be next to the new computer (kindly donated by Ronnie McIntyre) and please report any problems to me or Alan. Saturday is a first trial of this and we ask that everyone makes an effort to input their score.
This package works out each competition and calculates the and maintains everyone's handicaps in a database. It should make administration much easier and will also publish all competition results to masterscoreboard on the internet. This allows you to view all your rounds hole by hole and see statistics etc.
It will also through the Central Database of handicaps report all aways scores back to the Western automatically and notify all scores to clubs where handicaps are held away from the Western. Yes, Big Brother is wayching you! To thsi end if you already have a CDH number could you please let me know - you would only have one if your handicap is or has been held at another club which uses similar software.

Club Champion John Ralston is through to the fourth round of the Champion of Champions tournament with a win over BU champ Stuart Morrison. 

Club Championship draw:

Championship_2012 matchplay draw.xls

Colin Mackay makes it two in a row by winning the Summer Medal with a net 69.

Colin Mackay won the May Wednesday medal with a net 68.

The Western got through to the last 16 of the Dispatch Trophywith a hard fought win over last year's semi-finalists Temple Seniors. The front pair Gerry Curran and David Wilson were three down after four but fought back to be two up. Birdies at the par 5 fifth and a three at the sixth helped as did a 5 at 11 after visits to the trees and 13th fairway. Second pair Danny Cameron and Sandy McFeat were always ahead after winning the 2nd and finished 3 up to complete a 5&3 win. The Western now play Braid United in the most local of derbies at 5:20 on Tuesday evening. The Western B team found their Universities opponents too strong and went down 10&9.

The Western team eased to an 11&10 win in the first round of the Dispatch Trophy today. Both pairs played steady golf against Harrison Seniors. The second round is on Sunday with the B team off at 9:45 and the A at 11:30. 

Robin Wilkie won the Louis Mair Trophy with a net 68 on bih from Gerry Curran and John Ralston. Ok Robin we gave you too high a handicap. Three medals and a trophy proves you need a lower one. Guess what? You got one!

The next two Saturdays have no fixtures due to the Dispatch Trophy. The Western are off at noon on Saturday and if they get through will join the B team in the draw Sunday morning. Please come up and support the teams. Look out for the entry sheet for the third championship qualifier on 9th June.

Martin Smith adds another winning debut taking the May Medal with a fine net 68 in a testing West wind. Danny Cameron leads the championship qualifiers with a 72. Is this the year?

Here is the draw for this year's first two qualifiers for the championship. A reminder - B Section is 10-15 inclusive, C Section 16 and over. Best one score from three in each section qualifies with bih in that round only deciding ties. The draw will be seeded with 1v8, 4v5, 3v6, 2v7.

Championship_2012 draw only.xls

Gerry Curran comes into form with a solid 71-5 on bumpy greens to win the Belhaven Qualifier. Gary Campsie will partner Gerry at Scotscraig later this year in the regional final as he finished second on countback.

Grant Newlands made a stunning debut winning the Centenary Trophy with a steady 77-11=66. Well done to Danny Cameron shooting level par on a day when the greens were like Peter Andre's face. Pretty hairy and wanted hitting.

The Western have been drawn against Harrison Seniors in the first round of the Dispatch Trophy. The Western B got a bye to the second round where they will play Scottish Universities.

Full Draw 2012.xls

Robin Wilkie was the only player to manage to break 70 today with a net 69 to take the April Medal. Conditions fine but not a birdie blitz. Robin now has three monthly medals and takes a big lead in the Shand Cup.

Rankin Taylor scored 39 points to win the Western TOT. After a poor start Rankin came into fine form holing a blind pitch at 9 and a 70 foot putt at 13 for twos. Always better lucky than good I say.

Look out for the Championship draw sheets in the club this weekend. Qualifying rounds are on 12th and 19th May and on 9th june.

Well done to Ann Finlay who romped to first place in the Masters competition with a superb score of 101. From the listed players Ann selected 6 of the 8 which would have scored the maximum hence she won by 14 points.

Masters 2012.xls

Congratulations to Phil Caldwell and Rankin Taylor on winning the Winter Fourball and Colin Mackay on winning the Winter Singles.

Ronnie McIntyre equalled his best ever round to shoot 78-16=62 to win theSandy Black trophy. John Ralston took the Glenlivet Scratch with a 72.

Fifteen teams enjoyed a great day in the invitation Texas Scramble on Sunday 1st. The winners were Steves In the Trees, second Putt Putt Putt (strange to name a team after an outboard motor) and third Hawkeyes Bandits. The wiining team did have a two shot penalty for not dropping in the rough on one hole but it was decided it would be unfair to dq for a minor misunderstanding.

Sandy McFeat spreadeagled the field with a good score of 73-6 to win the March Medal in tricky conditions. This was enough to win by six shots.

David Wilson found some early season form with a 68-3 to win the Allermuir Open on a misty day. Danny Cameron came second with a 70-3.

Allermuir Open draw:

Open Draw 2012.xls

Congratulations to the Western Handicap team who won the BHA Winter Shield on Saturday. The scratch team continued their improved form coming a very close second, one shot behind the Thistle. Full results:

BHA Winter Shield FINAL 2012.doc

Allermuir Open - you can play on one of the Western's early times if you want on 24th March. Other times are from 8:52. There is a new times sheet up in the clubhouse so transfer / put up your name if you want to play early.

Winter Shield times for 10th March:

Scratch : 8:03 S McFeat & D Wilson; 8:24 J Ralston & A Rennie; 8:38 G Curran & J Robertson; 8:52 D Cameron & G Wood

Handicap : 9:13 R Taylor & C Mackay; 9:20 G Campsie & P Caldwell; 9:41 C Gilhooly & F Mackay; 9:55 D Marr & A Kay

George Wood returns to form again with a net 66 on the first trip round Number 1 course this year to take the Spring Medal.

Robin Wilkie won the February Medal from Duncan Wells with a net 64 on better inward half on a cold windy day. This was Robin's second medal in three and well done to Duncan shooting the second lowest scratch score of the day despite playing off 14. Both player's handicaps have been suitably castrated and all handicaps are now updated on the Handicaps page.

The BHA Winter Shield will be held on 10th March. The handicap team for the Western will be drawn from a list of entries as normal. Please see sheet in clubhouse. For a list of all BHA events for the year please see


..the Western's Facebook page (open to all) is


Lochend managed the draw they needed with the Harrison last Saturday to progress to the Winter League semi-finals at the expense of the Western. This was a dissapointing end to a campaign where the team competed well in every match. We won the first game 4-0 against Lochend but will look back at the narrow defeat away to them 2.5-1.5 which ultimately cost us. Well done to the team who played well throughout and almost every game was won or taken to the last hole or two.

John Bell used his rink experience to win the January Medal in frosty conditions with a fine 67. Alan Kay asks that all scores be entered into the computer from now on. Any scores not put in risk not being included in the results.

Lidsay Gray won the New Year's Cup with a fine net 62 on BIH from another good score by Mich Knowles. Sandy McFeat won the drawn sweep.

Note the Allermuir Open is now on 24th March. Guests are welcome to play in this providing they have a National Handicap.

Alan Kay won the Christmas Stableford. Well done to Alan firstly on scoring 40 points on a windy day and secondly on persuading Santa to give him the morning off at such a busy time of year.

There will be a Burns Supper in the clubhouse on Saturday 28th December. Partners are welcome. Last year's was a great success with over 30 attending. List in clubhouse.

Robin Wilkie won the December Medal with an excellent net 65 on a very windy day from Andrew Rennie who shot 71-5.

The Western team competed well but lost 3-1 to the Harrison on Saturday. Matt Davidson and David Wilson recovered from two down to square their match on the last and George Wood and Jim Robertson also won the 18th to finish level. Sandy McFeat and Rankin Taylor were square after 16 but lost the last two holes while Danny Cameron and Brian Reid went down 2&1 on a very windy day.

Matt Davidson shot another good score to win the November Medal with a net 66. Today's medal was the last counter for handicaps until next March.

The AGM was held on Wed 9th November. No major changes were decided and full minutes will be on the site in due course. We welcome new captain Rab Gray who takes over from Sandy Dick. Big thanks to Sandy for all his hard work and commitment over the last two years.

The Western got their Winter League campaign off to the best possible start with a 4-0 win over Lochend today. Danny Cameron and Brian Reid recovered from two down with four to play to win on the last while Matt Davidson holed a couple of clutch putts as he and David Wilson won 2&1. George Wood and Jim Robertson played steady to win 2&1 while Sandy McFeat and Rankin Taylor also won the last hole to win their game.

Winter Shield - Western scratch team:

8.10 Scott Robinson & Sandy McFeat (with Edinburgh Thistle 1)
8.17 David Wilson & Andrew Rennie (with Braids United 2)
8.38 George Wood & Jim Robertson (with Harrison 3)
8.52 Gary Campsie & Phil Caldwell (with Edinburgh Thistle 4)

This year's Annual General Meeting will be in the club house on Wednesday 9th November at 7:30.

The replaying of last year's BHA Winter Shield will be on Saturday 5th November. There will be a scratch team and a handicap team teeing off 8-9 and 9-10. The 8 scratch players will be picked as usual on handicap and the 8 handicap players will be drawn. If you want to be in this draw a list will go up in the clubhouse. The draw will be early next week.

Footage of the Western in the Belhaven final http://www.youtube.com/ScottishGolfUnion

Draws for the winter match play:


Gordon Crawford shot an excellent 75-7 to win the Alan Morrison trophy on bih from Rab Gray. Out later in the worst of the wind this was a veryt good effort but commiserations to Rab whose 96 also in the worst of it was also a fine effort. Congrats also to Sandy McFeat who beat Danny Cameron to win the Allermuir Championship. Next week there will be a medal sweep - 1st/2nd/3rd from white tees. The week after should be the Winter Shield - awaiting confirmation from BU.

23 players took part in the Allermuir sweep on Sunday 16th. The winners were:

1st Andrew Rennie 35 pts

2nd Derek Baird 34pts (bih)

3rd Sandy McFeat 34pts (bih)

4th David Marr 34pts

5th Danny Cameron 33pts (bih)

6th Jim Robertson 33pts

Nearest hole at 2nd David Clark

Nearest hole at 17th Danny Cameron

Only 2 (at 2nd hole) Jim Robertson £25.

The BHA Winter Shield for 2011 has been scheduled for Saturday 5th November. The Western will be putting in a scratch and a handicap team.

Draw for Allermuir day on Sunday 16th. Bacon rolls will be available from 8am and curry to follow.

9:06     D Wilson          A Kay               A Rennie       D Cameron
9:13     S McFeat         S Park              G Wood
9:20     C Mackay        F Mackay         D Clark
9:27     D Marr             G Campsie       P Caldwell      J Robertson
9:34     A Midwinter    J Bell                S Dick              D Baird

Four players tied the October medal on net 72 on a driech day. Sandy McFeat prevailed with a good back nine of 36-3 to take the spoils. Well done to Sandy for staying the course, more than could be said for some!

The dinner is coming up on Friday 14th October. A good number - nearly 30 including guests - are attending but there are still spaces available.

The winter times have been agreed with Edinburgh Leisure. and will commence on Saturday 15th October. We have this year got three early and three late times. There will, daylight permitting, be the chance to tee off prior to these but both EL and the BHA stress that this must not hold up the first official time - ie don't tee off in the dark and then wait till it gets light. If you do you must go into the starters box after your round to pay.


The Winter League is coming up and our first fixture is vs Lochend on 12th November. The Thistle, who were in our section, have withdrawn which gives us a great chance if qualifying.

Gary Campsie shot a steady 39 points to take the cash on Saturday.

Rankin Taylor shot 75 less 11 to win the Autumn Medal in heavy conditions on Saturday. Congratulations to Rankin on winning the Summer Singles final against Sandy McFeat.

Note all medal winners - this year you will receive £5 instead of a medal. If you would rather have a medal as a keepsake that is fine - let Andy Rennie know asap. This was also the last fixture counting for the Handicap and Scratch Orders of Merit. Both of these were won by David Wilson. Second place was George Wood who could have snatched it on Saturday but took one look at the rain and gave it a miss. Dried up on the 2nd hole too..... 

Western prizes from the Silloth

3rd Handicap P Caldwell & C Leggett  (£50 each);  2nd Scratch D Wilson & S McFeat (£25 each);  Nearest 2nd Hole P Caldwell (shoe bag & wine); Nearest marker at 8th Hole F Mackay (American Golf voucher);  Nearest 9th Hole D Rennie (S Park) (Bottle of port);  Nearest 13th Hole D Rennie (Bottle of port); Nearest 13th Hole S Park (Srixon golf balls);  Nearest marker at 14th A Midwinter (£20)  Longest drive at 15th D Wilson (Malt Whisky);  Nearest 17th Hole R Taylor (Taylormade golf balls)

Steven Park won the September Medal with a net 66. Great score could have been better but for a 6 at the last. Steven's win also gets him the Shand Cup for winning the most monthly medals with three, beating Dougie Ainslie and David Wilson with two each.

Gordon Hunter opens his Western winners account winning the George Robinson Trophy with a fine net 66. Danny Cameron was round in par to take the scratch trophy.

Congratulations to Andrew Rennie and Steven Park who survived sleeping in to edge the Summer Fourball final.

Get your entries in for the Silloth on 10th September. Loads of prizes on offer.

Western times for the Harrison Open on the 20th:

7.00am Sandy McFeat
7.14am George Wood, Alan Midwinter, Steven Park
7.21am David Marr
7.28am Danny Cameron, John Ralston
7.42am Phil Caldwell, Ronnie McIntyre
7.49am Gary Campsie
8.52am Colin Mackay, Fraser Mackay, Rankin Taylor
10.44am Gerry Curran

Steven Park won the August Medal with a net 68. A three putt at the last seemed to have blown his chance but he gets to a career low 14 handicap. 

Matt Davidson shot another great score with a 70 net 62 to secure the Peter Robertson Trophy. This brings to six the number of members who have scored par or better this year already.

David Marr won the Wednesday stableford by one with 40 points.

Jim Robertson continues an impressive burst of form with a level par 70 net 63 to take the Tommy Armour Putter.

Big congratulations to John Ralston and David Marr on winning the BHA Gold and Bronze respectively. Match reports to follow. Western in the ascendancy?

Jim Robertson won the rescheduled July Medal with a 72-8=64. Congratulations on a fine score. Jim, an avid Manchester United fan, will be glad to hear that Imogen Thomas is now keeping out of trouble and has begun a singing career. Apparently she has been doing giggs in Manchester most nights.

John Ralston is through to the BHA final after beating David Wilson 3&2.  Both players got off to a slow start but John's steady play had him 4 up at the turn. David got the 10th back but the remaining holes were halved. John now plays Stuart More in the final. Colin Mackay loast his semi but David Marr ans Fraser Mackay were in a tight match to reach to the bronze final.

In the first round of the BHA Gold and Silver sections there were wins for John Ralston, David Wilson and Colin Mackay. Western champion John eased to a 4&2 win against Mike Crabbe while David Wilson eagled the last to edge out Mike Robson. John and David play each other in the semi-final ensuring Western representation in the final. Colin Mackay will be in the following semi in the Silver section. Hard lines to George Wood who went down 4&2 to top qualifier Donald Anderson.

The BHA Championship survived the rain. For results and matchplay visit http://www.braids-united.co.uk and follow the link to results at handicap master. From there you can see all scores and matchplay draws (scroll down for the latter).

The July Medal was washed out by a thunderstrom which meant the later starters could not finish. Gary Campsie was unlucky as he had posted the leading score with a 76-11=65. The sweep will be done as normal for the early starters and any returned scors under 68 will result in handicap reductions. No handicap increases will be made. 

The July Wednesday medal was won by Jim Robertson on bih from Danny Cameron who both had net 67s. Nobody got cut as the CSS came down to 67 for the first time this year.

John Ralston won the Captains Prize with an excellent 66 net 65. Out in 33 John played an super pitch at 10 to set up a birdie and then followed that with a 60 foot eagle putt at 11 before a steady series of pars. Matt Davidson lost out on bih after a 73-8.

The BHA Championship is on the 16th July. Entries can be made via the BU who have put a folder at the starters desk. Enter your name on the sheet with preferred staring time. Entry fee is £3 payable on the day.

George Wood continues his fine form and pipped John Bell on bih to take the June Medal with 75-9=66.

David Wilson won the June Wednesday stableford with 40 points.

Andrew Rennie won the Summer Competition with a net 67 on a day where the early starters got drenched. John Ralston took the Barrie Gill Scratch trophy with a fine 69.

Championships results:


Congratulations to new club champion John Ralston who beat Danny Cameron on the 2nd extra hole. A very good quality match on a cool windy evening saw both players go round in one under par sharing 12 birdies. All square on 18 Danny played an excellent pitch from the graves which ran to 10 feet followed by John playing a very controlled pitch and run to four feet. Both player's puts found the hole. On the first John holed a superb put from 20 feet and was then bravely followed in by Danny from half that distance. On the 2nd however Danny's first put came up five feet short and his second slid by.

In the B final Alan Midwinter prevailed on the 18th despite a late fightback from Rankin Taylor.

The C section saw Duncan Wells beat pre-tournament favourite Steven Park 3&2.

Well done to Derek Baird who was cock-a-hoop and hard lines to Chris Gilhooly who backed all three losing finalists.  Thank you to all who came up to support the players and to Madhur Kayman for preparing the curry. 

Wednesdays matches saw wins in the C section for David Marr, Steven Park, Fraser Mackay and Duncan Wells. Apologies for the lack of detailed information here but the match reports were relayed by the match secretary and it took 20 minutes to get this far. Apparently all matches finished and some good golf got played last night so well done all. Alan Midwinter prevailed in the delayed B section game edging out Gordon Hunter on the 20th.

In the B sections semis on Tuesday Phil Caldwell scored very well over the front nine going out in 35 to be four up on Gary Campsie. Gary came storming back to be one up with three to play before Phil squared again. The 18th was halved before Phil progressed on the 19th. Charlie Legget put out lowest qualifier Colin Macaky 2&1 and Rankin Taylor eased past Raymond Ravizza 4&3. Alan Midwinter and Gordon Hunter have arranged to play tonight.

Monday evenings matches saw a good deal of fine golf in the championship. Andrew Rennie and George Wood halved the first two holes in birdies and were all square through 11. A three put at 12 allowed Andrew to get in front on the way to winning 4&2. No three in a row for David Wilson who shared 14 birdies with Danny Cameron. Danny birdied 5 of the first seven holes to go three up before David hit back with birdies at 9,10 and 12. After a winning par at 14 a three at 15 put David one up before Danny's 2 at 17 squared the match. Danny found bushes at 18 but David could only three put to take the match down the first again where Danny's birdie put him through. Gerry Curran and Sandy McFeats game looked to be over when Sandy was two down on 17. However a great tee shot to a foot followed by a Curran bogey at 18 sent another match into extra time but Gerry managed to birdie the 19th to get through. Thanks to all those who came up to support the players.

Draw for the Ladybank Handicap Open on 11th June:

Handicap Open Draw 2011.pdf

George Wood won the Summer Medal (Q3) on Saturday with a net 67 in a strong east wind. Can George carry this momentum into the championship?

Andrew Rennie won the May Wednesday medal with a net 67. Small consolation for the drubbing in the Dispatch!

The Western lost in the second round of the Dispatch to a very good Riccarton team. David Wilson and Andrew Rennie ended up 7 down to their opponents who scored very well in very windy conditions. Sandy McFeat and George Wood ended one down.

The Western beat Ye Monks in the first round of the Dispatch today by 3&2. Andrew Rennie and David Wilson got off to a good start winning the first four holes before their opponents gradually came into it over the back nine. Sandy McFeat and George Wood held steady to finish all square in very windy conditions. Hard lines to the Allermuir and Western B teams who went down to strong opposition. The Western play Riccarton at noon on Sunday.

The next two weeks sees the Western hosting the Dispatch Trophy. The club have entered three teams. The Western have David Wilson. Andrew Rennie, Sandy McFeat and George Wood playing Ye Monks of Ye Braids (from the BU) at 12:50 on the 21st. The Allermuir take on Rhodes at 12:20 with Alan Midwinter, Rankin Taylor, Colin Mackay and Mitch Knowles. The Western B comprising Phil Caldwell, Charlie Legget, Steven Park and Duncan Wells play Hailes at 11:20.

The second championship qualifier was a very breezy day with not many players bettering their score from the first round. This medal was the Louis Mair Memorial Trophy in honour of a very long standing and dedicated Western member who passed away a few years ago. Gordon Crawford won the trophy with an excellent 76-7 by one shot from Duncan Wells. Watch this space for a full list of scores before the last qualifier on the 4th June. If you want to play in that put your name on the list by 28th May in the club house or email David.

The opening round of the Club Championship saw some good scores with champion David Wilson leading the way with a 68, Danny Cameron a 70 and Gerry Curran with 73. New member John Ralston scored 74 in his first medal. Still all to play for in each section.

David Wilson won the May medal coming home in a personal best 32 for 68-4=68.

The Belhaven Championship qualifying competition was won by Sandy McFeat with an excellent 69 net 63 in blustery conditions. Second was Tom Graham with a net 65. Sandy and Tom go to Baberton in July to represent the Western.  

Sandy Dick scored 39 points to win the first Wednesday stableford of the year.

Phil Caldwell made ot two wins in three outings by taking the Centenary Trophy with a net 66 on bih from a resurgent George Wood.

Allermuir fixtures now on the club page.

The BU are holding a poker night on Friday 6th May and are expecting large numbers. see the noticeboard for more.

David Wilson won the April medal with a net 67 on a windy day. This was David's 3rd win in five competitions. What a pain in the arse!

Phil Caldwell scored an impressive 39 points to win the Western TOT on a day when the green staff had obviously been auditioning for Augusta. A number of pins were cut in scary places which made this a good score.

The first 'Major' of the summer, the Sandy Black Trophy, was won by David Wilson with a net 71 on better inward half from Mich Knowles. A very windy day made scoring difficult but  several good scores in the low 70s were returned. Lookd like golf swings are waking up after the winter.

Well done to the BU Baddies winning the Invitation Scramble with a 56.4 . A big thank you to all 13 teams who took part and special thanks to Colin Mackay for organising it and Raymond Ravizza for sponsoring all the food. 

Dougie Ainslie won the March Medal with a 68 on a dry day with some intersting pins places.

David Wilson won the Allermuir Open with a net 71. A day of poor scoring with every prizewinner surprised to be one. Well done to Neil Wilson on bagging £50 for the only two.


All subs are due and should be paid no later than 31st March. After this date you cannot play in any club competition until they are paid. Subs are £65 (£40 for first year). Please pay Sandy McFeat or a council member.

Mitch Knowles won the Spring Medal with a great net 65 on a cold day. As this was off a measured course this counted for handicaps.

Next Saturday 19th is the always popular Allermuir Open. There are over 20 entries to date but slots are still available. If you want to play just add your name to the sheet in the clubhouse or reply to me. The times are the normal club ones - 7:07 to 7:35 and 8:59 to 9:20. Entry is £5 (all prize fund) with an optonal £2 twos sweep. There is also a sheet on the Allermuir Dinner the same evening. All are welcome to attend.

For this years championship all first round matches will be played on Monday 6th and Tuesday 7th June. All A and two B on the Monday, the other two B and all C on the Tuesday. This will prevent the Cs needing to play three consecutive days. If this causes a serious problem for enyone then macthes could be reverted to the Wednesday.

Next Saturday 5th March sees us revert to the summer Number 1 course. The Spring medal is that day.

Dougie Ainslie won the February medal with a net 67 on bih from Danny Cameron.

Due to the poor weather this winter causing a backlog of ties the winter fourball has been cancelled. As at 7th Feb no ties had been played at all and with the singles to complete by the end of March there simply wasn't the time.

Jim Robertson continues his fine form with 41 points in the February stableford..

Dougie Ainslie won the New Years Day competition with a net 64 beating Jim Robertson on bih. Great turnout with nearly 30 members taking part. 

Some 25 members and guests enjoyed a good night at the Western Burns Supper on the 22nd. Andrew Rennie gave an fine rendition of Tam O'Shanter, John Bell and Alan Midwinter sang a melody and captain Sandy Dick sang for his supper.

Euan Green won the January Medal on a wet and windy day with 95-24=71.

All 2011 fixtures are now listed. This year all the championship sections will select by the best 18 hole score from any one of the three qualifying rounds in May and June. The matchplay will start earlier on Monday 6th June. These changes will hopefully give everyone a chance to qualify and distance the matchplay from the BHA.

The forecast still looks promising for this Saturday's January medal.

There will be a Burns Supper on Saturday 22nd January in the club. Should be a good reunion after all the snow. See a council member for more. 

Enough snow has cleared to allow the new winter course to open on Thursday 30th December. Hopefully we can all get some golf played for a while though best to check with the starter. Course will be closed 1st, 2nd and 3rd Jan. Competitions scheduled are Winter League vs BU on Sun 9th, January Medal on Sat 15th and the TCB Cup on Sat 29th. Check the site / notoceboard for updates.

Still enough snow at the Braids to half bury the Kay man so anyone's guess when the course will open again. We are trying to get names for the Ladybank Open on 11th June 2011 asap as entries usually full in January. If you want to play please get in touch with David Wilson.

Gerry Curran won the November Medal with a steady 71-4=67.

The team went down 3.5 to 0.5 to Portobello in the first Winter League fixture. The next game is at home to the BU on 13th November.

Here are the new winter times from EL. The course will open from 8am from 1st November and 8:30 from 1st December. From 1st Jan there will be 9 minute tee intervals (though with no buffer times) but this will be monitored to see how it works.      


EL have also said there will be some alterations made to the course over the next 1-2 years. Several bunkers will be taken out but some new ones put in each side at the front of the tenth green and short right of the 11th green. There will be a new 10th tee set further back by clearing some gorse and also some bushes removed on the left of 16 on driving length. The 14th tee will be put back but the steep path off the box tee blocked. If anyone can suggest anywhere else to create new tees adding a bit more length EL would welcome the suggestions - please contact David Wilson.

The AGM will be held in the club house at 7:30 on Wednesday 10th November.

Danny Cameron won the Alan Morrison Trophy with a fine 68-3. Would it be fitting if Danny collected this trophy at the dinner while also beating Alan's record of eight championships. Come to think of it, wouldn't it be fitting to see Danny at the dinner.

The draw has been made for this year's winter league. The Western are drawn in the same section as Silverknowes which will be tough, Portobello which will be interesting and the Braids United. The BU were spotted last week watching Strictly Come Dancing in their club house after playing! May be thats how they prepare for games. Should be a good match...


Steven Park won the October Medal with an 82-16=66. Steven carried his fine form onto the following day to win the Summer Fourball with Andrew Rennie.

The final Allermuir ecclectic for 2010 is on the club page.

This year there will be a winter course from the start of December until the end of February. After playing the first two holes as normal there will be five holes from the Princes. Then we will rejoin at the 7th and play in missing out the 16th. Edinburgh Leisure hope to have most of the medal tees in their summer positions, conditions allowing.

Winter course.xls

The Alan Morrison Trophy will be played on the 16th October. Captain Sandy Dick won it in May and will be the first recipient of the trophy at the dinner but from now on it will be played for in October.

The final Allermuir takes place this Wednesday so it's a final chance to improve your ecclectic and deny Messrs Park and Kay their prizes!

Alan Midwinter played very steady to win the Autumn Medal on a windy day with a net 68.

David Wilson won the September Medal with a et 66 and also captured the handicap order of merit. Well done to Gordon Crawford who wins the Shand Cup with four medals during the year. Next week sees the last chance to win a prize at the dinner with the Autumn Medal.

The dinner and prize giving will be held on Friday 8th October starting at 7pm for 7:30. A list is up in the clubhouse and the cost is £10. Please see a council member as the cost is payable in advance. All members are encouraged to attend what is usually a very entertaining evening with a speaker, raffles and competitions. Danny, you are invited too!

Dougie Ainslie played well in windy conditions to win the George Robinson trophy with a net 68. David Wilson managed to hang on to win the scratch trophy with a 73.

In the Harrison Open on 21st August a couple of Western members did their level best to avoid winning prizes. Danny Cameron played well to get to the 17th tee only 2 over par. 80. Not to be undone David Wilson played very steady to be level after 15. Three pars would have won him the open and £225. Lets not talk about the 16th. £0. Well done to Danny getting nearest the pin at 8 and John Bell doing likewise at 9. Away the Western.

Colin Mackay wins again taking the August Medal with a net 65.

Sandy McFeat shot a fine 68 net 63 to win the Peter Robertson Trophy equalling the lowest round of the year. Derek Baird also had a 63 but lost on countback.

Rankin Taylor followed up his strong showing in the Championship to win the Tommy Armour Putter with a net 66. This putter was donated to the club by Tommy during a visit in the early 30s. Around that time however Tommy acquired the Yips - he even coined the phrase - so may have been giving away putters left right and centre, a bit like the ball. Beware the curse Rankin!

David Wilson spreadeagled the field to win the Wednesday Medal with a 72-5. Not really a field though, more of an allotment with only four daft enough to enter and only David mad enough to play 18 holes on a night fish could have swam across the 16th.

This coming Saturday 24th is the July Stableford which is off the medal tees and will have the usual sweeps etc. 17 entrants so far but still early times available as at Tue 20th.

Colin Mackay enters the winners circle with a net 67 in the July Medal. Well done also to Colin, Rankin Taylor and Alan Kay for qualifying for the BHA matchplay stages.

Championship 2010.xls

David Wilson won the championship with  2&1 win over Andrew Rennie. A very good match with both players scoring well saw David 1 up early on before Andrew squared twice with birdies at 4 and 7, nearly holing out at the latter. David pulled away with birdies at 10,11 and 13 and looked in control until three putting 15 and 16.  A three at the 17th proved enough on a night with a very strong west wind. In the B final Chris Gilhooly raced to an early lead winning the first four holes against Phil Caldwell. Phil slowly worked his way back into the game but Chris held his nerve and holed from 5 feet on 17 to win the match. Derek Baird proved too steady for Duncan Wells to take the C Championship ensuring all three finals finished 2&1. Thank you to Alan Kay for the curry enjoyed by all. 

The first semi-final of the Championship saw Andrew Rennie race into a four hole lead after only seven holes. Then Rankin Taylor rallied superbly to square the match with a good putt on 17. On the last however Rankin found a poor lie in the graves and Andrew won it with a four. In the second semi Danny Cameron's bid to win a record ninth title was in the balance. One up after 11 all seemed well but David Wilson won the next two holes with birdies and went on to win 3&2. Interviewed afterwards Danny was asked "So now it's seven years since your last title - do you think you can win it again Danny". "Yes" he said. "If Monty can make a comeback then so can I. I just need to believe in myself a bit more".

By the way, in a correction to an earlier result Raymond Ravizza actually said good bye to Charlie Leggat on Tuesday. To no avail however as Chris Gilhooly, who got a bye, by the way, went one to say bye bye to Raymond on Thursday. Chris will say hello to in form Phil Caldwell in the final who beat Alan Midwinter.

In the C's Derek Baird held on to win by one from Sandy Dick and will play big hitting Duncan Wells, who beat Dougie Ainslie, in the final.

The C Championship will see old sparring partners Sandy Dick and Derek Baird meet in the semi final. Derek beat Ronnie McIntyre while Sandy saw off Alan Kay 7&10. Speak to Alan. The second semi will see Dougie Ainslie, conqueror of Tam Graham, play Duncan Wells who beat John Bell.

The B Championship first round saw wins for Alan Midwinter and Phil Caldwell over Mitch Knowles and Colin Mackat respectively. The other semi will be between Charlie Legget who said good bye to Raymond Ravizza and Chris Gilhooly who merely had a bye.

In the first round of the championship all four games finished by the fourteenth. Andrew Rennie beat Sandy McFeat 6&4 while Rankin Taylor ended Staven Park's adventure 7&6. Danny Cameron beat Jim Robertson 5&4 and David Wilson beat Matt Davidson 6&5.

John Bell won the Captains Prize with a 93-24=69. John will now be taken shopping by captain Sandy Dick to choose his prize with lunch and drinks at a venue of his choice. I would suggest Harvey Nichols John, good place to choose a prize too.

Congratulations to Phil Caldwell on winning the Winter Singles for the second consecutive year, beating Matt Davidson in the final. Phil's game seems to be suited to playing in inhospitable darkness and bleakness. But then again he does support Hearts.

The BHA championship is being held on the 10th July with the matchplay the following week. Enter your name on the sheet this Saturday if you want to play but times as any other Saturday. This will mean the Western Wednesday medal and Allermuir qualifier will now be held on 21st July.

Matt Davidson won the June medal on countback from Derek Baird with a nett 66. Matt showing fine form as we approach the matchplay stages of the championship. Can he surpass last year and reach the final or perhaps even emulate the team of 1966 and actually win the trophy? Danny Cameron evetually got enough pars to edge out Derek Baird and the rest of the C Section while Sandy McFeat shot the best of the day 72. The full list of qualifiers will be decided this week once all availability for matchplay in known.

This Saturday will see 30 members take part in the second qualifying medal for the club championship. Steven Park is hoping to qualify for the first time, Matt Davidson to continue his improving form of last year and Danny Cameron to arrest his slide into the C Division. Carlsberg don't normally do commemorative benches......

Steven Park shot an 81-16 to win the Summer Competition. On a day where scoring was high perhaps due to the dry course only five scores in the 70s were recorded. There were some surprises with Steven joining several B and C sections players with a chance next week to build on their scores and perhaps make their debuts in the championship knockout. Eight times champion Danny Cameron suffered an ankle injury before playing through the pain barrier to shoot 86 and share 13th spot. He will be hoping for an improvement before next week. David Wilson shot a 73 to win the Barry Gill scratch trophy.

A dozen members enjoyed a great day out at the Ladybank Open for the Western Outing. A tough but enjoyable test and the prize for the lowest Western score was shared by Phil Caldwell and David Wilson with net 76s. For full results:


At last year's AGM it was decided that the qualifying rounds for this years' championship would be drawn. These will be played on the 19th and 26th June. Please put your name on the sheet in the clubhouse for either the early (7:07-7:42) or late (8:59-9:27) slots for each day. The draw will be published on Monday 14th June and will be in the clubhouse and on the web site.

Neil Shearer won the Wednesday medal with a net 65.

The Ladbank Open times are now available. The Western members are off from 10 till 11:30, with one later.


The Western teams lost in the first round of the Dispath on Saturday. The Western A team lost narrowly 2&1 to recent winners Riccarton. The team put up a good fight and it was always close.  On one of the hottest days in many years the B tea went down to Silverknowes Seniors and the Allermuir to Munroe Heating.

Danny Cameron triumphs again taking the Louis Mair Trophy with a steady 73-3 on a windy day. Alan Kay and Suds Finlay topped up their pensions with the only twos on a triple rollover.

Gordon Crawford wins the May Medal with 75-7=68. This is Gordon's fourth win in five medals and he takes an almost unassailable lead in the Shand cup.

Members are reminded to check they put the correct handicap on their card for any competition. Putting down too high a handicap is a disqualification under the Rules of Golf.

Sandy Dick gets his name first on the Alan Morrison trophy with 85-18=67. Sandy and Phil Caldwell qualify to represent the club at the Belhaven Club Championship.

Alan Midwinter won the Wednesday stableford with 33 points.

Note preferred lies no longer apply after the end of April.

Danny Cameron makes it two in a row by winning the Centenary Trophy with a fine 68 less 3 on count back from Ronnie McIntyre. Last time stuff like this happened Maggie Thatcher was in no.10.

This coming Saturday 1st May sees the inaugral playing of the Alan Morrison Trophy. Alan's sister presented this to the club following the death of our honorary president and eight times champion last year. The leading two net scores in this event will also be invited to represent the Western at the Belhaven Nation Club Handicap event to be played later this year at the Macdonald Cardrona course near Peebles.

The 2010 Masters competition was a great success with 97 entrants. A big thank you to all who entered and sold tickets. There were three joint winners Rory McNeil, J Leslie and Anna Watt. Here are the full results:

Masters 2010.xls

Danny Cameron turned back the clock winning the April medal on a windy day with 74-3 on countback from Sandy McFeat and Phil Caldwell.

You can follow Allermuir results through the summer on the club page.

Ronnie McIntyre won the TOT (stableford) with 38pts.

Gerry Curran won the Sandy Black and Glenlivet Scratch trophies on Saturday 3rd with 73-4 pipping David Wilson on bih on both counts.

The Allermuir is now under way on Wednesday evenings. There are a few spaces up still available for the opener on the 7th.

The winter ecclectic final results can be viewed at the bottom of the results page.

The summer season began with a sunny but very windy March Medal. On a day of understandably high scores Gordon Crawford edged out Jim Robertson and Andy Rennie on inward half with a net 73. This was the third consecutive monthly medal Gordon has won.

Ten teams took part in the Texas Scramble on Sunday 21st. The joint winners were Rennie's Rages and Raymond Ravizza's teams with net 56.7s.

Chris Gilhooly won the spring medal with a net 66 on a day of good shooting over the full no. 1 course. Chris pipped George Wood on better inward half.

Results from the Winter Shield of 13/03/10.

WS Results 13.03.10.doc

The Texas Scramble on Sunday 21st now has 11 team taking part. Times are sequential from 9:27. Bacon rolls etc will be available from 9 or so.

The snow cleared in time to allow the Allermuir Open to be played on 6th March. 30 members and guests took part. The trophy was won by Tom Graham with a net 66.

As at 6th March there are now at least 8 teams taking part in the Texas Scramble on 21st March.

The summer season and order of merit will begin on 27th March. The order of merit points allocation will change this year to try and reward good play more than consistent attendance and should keep the competition alive until the season end. Handicap points will be 10-7-4-2-1 and scratch 4-2-1.

If anyone wants to leave their caddy car battery at the club sockets are now avilable. Speak to a council member for more details.

Teams are invited to take part in the Texas Scramble on Sunday 21st March. Teams of can be formed from guests and members. Times will be from around 9am and catering will be provided. Five teams have entered already and the cost per team is £20. There should be enough visitor vouchers to allow all guests a £12 green fee. Entry sheet in the clubhouse.

Gordon Crawford won the February Medal with a net 70. This follows winning the January medal with a 71. Doesn't take much to win these days. 

The winter ecclectic standings are at the bottom of the results page.

Due to the likelihood of more severe weather it has been decided to reschedule the Allermuir Open and Dinner for Saturday 6th March. Please enter using the list in the club house.

A good showing for the New Years Day Cup on a driech day on Saturday 6th. Rankin Taylor won the cup with a 80-9=71.

Gordon Crawford showed mastery of ice hockey to take the January Medal with a net 71.

The snow has now largely cleared from the course. Assuming no more arrives the competitions will resume with the January Medal on Sat 30th and then the New Years Comp on Sat 6th Feb. Remember everyone should bring a prize to the latter, and please not the bogging rose´ Aunty Maisy gave you for Christmas.

Given the amount of snow on the course, as of 9th January more than a foot, it has been decided to wait and see when it clears then begin scheduling competitions etc. The Burns Supper and poker night have both been cancelled. Hopefully we can return around the start of February and play the New Years competition. When the course is open the club will try and contact everyone to arrange this.

Snow kidding.

There will be a Burns Supper at the club on Saturday 23rd January. All members and guests are welcome. Further details to follow but if you are interested mail David Wilson on mr_djwilson@hotmail.com or add to the list in the clubhouse.

The next competition will be the New Years TCB Cup played on 16th January. This is a medal competition with a trophy and proze from the club presented on the day. Every member should bring a prize and these are then chosen after making a draw of the scorecards. All times will be close together so all should attend the prizegiving.

The council asks that everyone puts their name and competition date and name on every scorecard handed in. Alan is having difficulty decoding some cards and it creates unfair extra work for him.

Mitch Knowles won the December medal with a 75-11=64. Good score on a cold rainy day.

The team lost 3-1 to the Thistle in the winter league today 28th Nov. Gerry Curran and Danny Cameron won their game 2&1. David Wilson and Alan Midwinter were mostly ahead until the 14th but ventually lost the match to a 3 on the 18th. A similar story for Matt Davidson and Gordon Crawford who also lost their match on the 18th.

Alan Kay profited nicely from the poker night at the club on the 27th. Now would be a good time to play him at golf for money.

The AGM was held at the club on Wed 11th November. Sandy Dick was duly elected captain with Alan Midwinter as vice-captain. Sandy McFeat remains as treasurer and David Wilson is now the club secretary. Alan Kay continues as match secy.

Some new proposals accepted were to raise subs by £5 to £65, set the new double locker fee to £50 to cover 4 years rental and to arrange for the two club championship medals to be drawn. The outing venues for next year are to remain the same also.

The November Medal featured some very good scoring from several players. Matt Davidson shooting a very solid 69-8=61 to win by three. Joint second were Rankin Taylor with 71-7 and George Wood with 74-10.

A reminder that the AGM will be on Wednesday 11th at 7:30. All members are encouraged to attend.

The team went down 4-0 to the Harrison on Saturday. There are details but lets not bother about those while it still hurts. Dougie Ainslie won the sweep with 37 points on a day when the greens were as hairy as an average members arse due to the new policy of cutting them on a Monday so they can grow really long by the time the weekend comes along.

Winter singles draw: R1 D Baird vs A Midwinter; D Ainslie vs S Robinson; I Henderson vs B Campbell; D Wilson vs R Ravizza; J Robertson vs G Wood; P Caldwell vs G Richie; A Kay vs S Park; C Mackay vs A Rennie; G Campsie vs M Knowles; W Murray vs J Livingstone; R McIntyre vs S Dick; J Bell vs S McFeat; Bye to R2 - T Graham vs R Taylor; M Davidson vs C Gilhooly.

Winter pairs draw: R1 Midwinter/Bell vs Davidson/Crawford; Kay/Gilhooly vs Dick/Baird; Rennie/Park vs Richie/Murray; Knowles/Ainslie vs Campsie/Henderson; Caldwell/Taylor vs Mackay/Graham; Livingstone/Robertson vs McFeat/Wood; Bye to R2 Robinson/Curran vs Campbell/ R Ravizza.

The October medal on 17th heralded a new year of competitions. An all too familiar theme however with that man David Wilson winning with 74-4=70.

Here is the winter league draw. The western have been drawn with the Harrison, Edin Thistle and Lochend. We begin with a match against the Harrison on 31st October.


The October Medal was postponed due to inclement weather and will now be played on Sat 17th.

David Wilson won the Autumn Medal on countback from Gerry Curran and Jim Robertson. This also meant David wins the Scratch and Handicap Orders of Merit. With the Championship and eight others to collect at the dinner it could be a speech to rival Colonel Gaddafi's. This concludes the summer competitions prior to the dinner on the 9th. A much better year weather wise and well done to all members for making it many enjoyable Saturday mornings at the Western. A mention too for Gerry Curran for a very steady year's golf, shooting the best score of the summer with a 67 and improving his handicap from 5 to 3.

Gerry and George came 23rd in the Belhaven Club Championship at the Dukes course in St Andrews. The course played very tough and there were few scores better than the par 71. Full results can be seen at http://www.scottishgolf.org/ and following the Belhaven link.

Good luck to Gerry Curran and George Wood who are representing the Western in the National final of the Belhaven Club Championship at St Andrews on Friday 18th September. Having qualified at Prestonfield last month they become the first Western members to represent the club at the home of golf since the days of Tommy Armour. Photos of our heroes can be seen on the gallery page. 

Silloth prizes can be picked up at the clubhouse.

The September Medal was won by Gerry Curran with a 72-4=68. The greens were pretty quick and with some fairly imaginitive pin placings this was a good effort.

The September Medal was the last monthly medal of the competition year. The Shand Cup for the winners of the most monthly medals was taken by David Wilson with three, Gerry Curran winning two.

The BHA Silloth took place on Saturday 5th September. On a very windy day Colin Mackay played very steadily to come third and a last hole bogey denied George Wood and David Wilson a scratch prize. For full results


A good showing of 26 members contested the George Robinson Trophy on Saturday 29th in very windy conditions. Even so Alan Kay won the competition with a net 70 despite his wig blowing into a bush. Sandy McFeat took the scratch trophy with a 79. 

Dougie Ainslie and David Wilson shared the extra medal sweep on 22nd August with net 72s.

Is there no stopping him? Fresh from his triumph in the Belhaven George Wood shoots 80-10 in yet more rain to win the August medal. Seems a half swing works best in the wet.

The Western, represented by Gerry Curran and George Wood, have qualified for the National Final of the Belhaven Best Scottish Club Handicap Championship. Playing in very wet conditions at Prestonfield on Friday 14th they shot a better ball 65 to make it through to the Grand Final in  St Andrews on 18th September. For more:


Club Honorary President and long standing member Alan Morrison died recently. Alan joined the Western in 1951 and won the club championship eight times. His sister visited the club shortly after his death to bequeath a trophy in his memory.

As the course is closed on Saturday 26th September an outing is being organised to the Whitekirk Greensomes Open that day. Add your name to the list on the noticeboard if you want to go.

Gordon Crawford shot 73-8 to win the Peter Robertson Trophy by a shot from Jim Robertson.

Congratulations to Sandy McFeat in winning the Allermuir Championship beating George Wood in the final. Sandy had to play very well shooting 71 for the 18 holes. George led until the 17th hole where a costly bogey allowed Sandy to square the match. On the 18th both players left their approaches short. George opted to put up to the back hole location but George, not having been in contention for a while, was a bit pumped up on adrenaline. Unfortuneately he middled it and had to play his fourth from some way over the green. Still, shows there's life in the old dog yet. Sandy's net 65 was good enough to take the Wenesday medal which featured a rare appearance from Western stalwart Scott Robinson.

Tam Graham shot net 66 to win the Tommy Armour Putter. Tommy presented this putter to the Western in 1928 after he used it to win the US Open and Canadian Open.

The club team shot an aggregate 322 at Murrayfield and Turnhouse in the Lothians Team Tournament. This was good enough to beat Portobello, Mount Vernon and Castle Park. 

Special thank you from the Club to Colin Mackay who sold half of the 84 tickets for this year's Open competition. One of those tickets went to Laura Venters who wins the first prize of £50. Congratulations to Laura and for complete results see here:


The July medal witnessed a sorry display of weather wimpiness from several of the membership who turned up, saw a bit of rain, and went home to their bacon rolls. Those who played were rewarded with a fine morning's golf. The medal was won by David Wilson with 73-4=69 to cap a fine July for him.

Congratulations to Dougie Ainslie and George Wood who qualified for the BHA Silver and Alan Kay who qualified straight to the last four of the Bronze.

In Fridays finals David Wilson beat Danny Cameron on the 18th. 3 up with 5 to play David bogeyed 14 and 16 before securing the match with a couple of pars. In the B final Alan Midwinter played excellent golf covering the first 12 holes in 2 over par to beat Colin Mackay by 7&6. In the C final Ronnie McIntyre was too steady for Brian Campbell securing the 17th with a 3 to win 3&1.

In Wednesday's C Championship matches there were wins for Brian Campbell over Rab Gray and Steven Park beat Derek Baird 2&1. Ronnie McIntyre was taken to the last hole before victory over Sandy Dick. The closest game of the week saw Tam Graham eventually beat Alan Kay on the 3rd extra hole. An incredible fightback from Alan who won the last six holes to take it to extra time. Tam must have been relieved to win but parrot like for Alan. www.kayman.blogspot.com/bugger

From an ewgc.org.uk correspondent:

In Tuesday's B Championship matches Chris Gilhooly made 4 at the last to edge out Raymond Ravizza by one hole. In a performance which would have beaten many of those playing on Monday George Wood was out in 35 on the way to beating Phil Caldwell by 4&2 while Alan Midwinter won 5&4 against Dougie Ainslie. In the last game Colin Mackay beat Mitch Knowles 2&1. Speaking of one man and his dog credit to Sandy Dick and Alan Kay for supporting the players.

Matt Davidson continued his fine form with a 5&4 win over Brian Reid in the first round of the Championship. Matt won the first two holes and was never behind. A dissapointed Brian later described his performance as 'crap' . Sandy McFeat was a steady level par in putting out Gerry Curran on the last green. Three up at the turn Gerry closed the gap to one hole but couldn't get back to square. In what turned out to be a bad night for the veterans David Wilson beat Andrew Rennie 2&1. David was four up at the turn after three birdies which included halving the 6th in 3s. However Andrew won the next three holes, two with birdies, to close the gap to one before David won the next two holes with 3s. In the top game Danny Cameron's bid began with a 2&1 victory over Ian Henderson. A close game where Danny won the 15th and 16th to take a decisive lead.

David Wilson won the Captains Prize with a level par 70 less 4. The captain will present David with his new set of clubs at the dinner.

The draws have been made for the Allermuir Championship and Shand Cup. These are on the spreadsheet on the club's page.

Matt Davidson wins for the second week running to qualify for the Club Championship. In very foggy conditions Matt had a 72-9 to win on countback from Gerry Curran. Shame for Gerry who's scratch 67 was the best score of all his many years at the Braids. Matt also wins the George Burnside Trophy for the best net score over the qualifiers.

Andrew Rennie bags another eagle 2 on his way to the Wednesday medal.

Matt Davidson won the summer competition with a net 66. David Wilson won the Barrie Gill scratch with a 71.

14 members attended the Ladybank Open on 6th June. There were varying degrees of success ranging from failure to pish. Leading member was David Wilson with a net 78 which says it all. The CSS was 74. For full results :


There will be an extra sweep competition on 13th June as the Harrison Open is no longer taking place.

Dispatch Trophy 23/05/09.

The Western went down to recent winners Scottish Life by 2&1. At the front Andrew Rennie and David Wilson played superb sup par golf to win by one hole but were badly let down by messrs Cameron and Curran who got gubbed 3 down. In the other matches Western B went down 11&9 to Stewarts Melville and the Allermuir lost to eventual winners Carrickvale by 11&10.

Steven Park shoots the lowest net score of the year to take the Louis Mair Trophy with a 61.

Alan Midwinter wins again with a 78-10=68 to take the May Medal.

Gerry Curran again shows his mastery of wind to win the Belhaven competition with 71-4=67.

Dispatch Trophy

The Western have been drawn against Scottish Life at 10:00 on Saturday May 23rd. Western B will play Stewarts-Melville in the opening tie at 9:30. The Allermuir who are, according to Martin Dempster, effectively the Edinburgh Western C team, have the small task of taking on the holders Carrickvale at 11:30. A real chance for the Allermuir team to make a name for themselves. Or perhaps being back in time to make lunch.

NB - Preferred lies no longer in operation.

Congratulations to Phil Caldwell winning the Winter Singles with a one hole victory over Alan Midwinter. This was a closely contested final with both players playing some of their best golf. Many good puts were holed and the phrase "I don't £$%%£!£ believe he just did that" was made to this correspondent more than once. The match was all square coming down the stretch when Phil holed a twenty footer on the 17th to take a one hole lead. Alan narrowly failed in getting a three at the last to square this very sporting match. Phil played very well and also won the Centenary trophy with his score of 78-14=64.

The April medal was won by David Wilson with a 71-5.

The Masters competition was won by Anne Finlay. Congratulations to Anne and thank you to everyone who took part.


Alan Kay wins the stableford with 38pts. Pretty lucky to come first with that.

Gerry Curran makes a great start to the season winning the March Medal and Sandy Black Trophy, the latter with a fine 72 in windy conditions. Soon be shooting under his age.

David Wilson won the Allermuir Open with a 67 net 62. There were 31 entries for a day enjoyed by members and guests alike.

Harrison won the Winter Shield on 14th March with a score of 294. Second were BU with 305 closely chased home by the Western on 306. At least we beat the Thistle.

Congratulations to Tam Graham and Steven Park winning the individual handicap with 70.33. The team was however pipped for the Shield by the BU, 221 to 222.

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