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Name the Hole

Both pictures are from the same hole and feature Steven Park slightly out of position.

Spot the Green

The Golden Bear...

The Great White Shark...

The Big Easy...

The Flippin' Wiggy...

This picture of the fourteenth at the Braids dates from the beginning of the 20th century in what must have been a harsh winter. Alan Kay can be seen looking for his ball in the foreground.

For more on this photo: http://www.edinphoto.org.uk/0_PCV_M/0_post_card_views_patrick_james_-_a_merry_christmas.htm

A panoramic view of the course:


Danny Cameron (right), receives the Purple Penfold Commando award from Andrew Rennie.


Andrew Rennie again, here pictured on the 8th green with a leprechaun he met at the end of the rainbow.

Belhaven grand finalists George Wood (middle left) and Gerry Curran (middle right) proudly show off their bus passes as Reid and McFeat look on.

Meanwhile the downturn appears to have had a drastic effect on Pringle's marketing budget.....I'm a big toothbrush, I'm a wee toothbrush.....

Teeing off in the final of the Belhaven Gerry Curran shows fine form......

And then there was Half Swing McWood. Do you think he knows there's a photographer?

George likes the look of the photographer's shoes....

Snow on the course, January 2010.