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Dispatch Trophy 2018

Our first pair out David Wilson and Andy Rennie raced to an early lead with some fine golf and built on it as the round went on to beat the Ye Monks of Braids main pairing 6 and 5.
Rab Kay and James Cunningham in the second game had the lead , lost it, had it , lost it and it finally ended all square.
Our Team play their next game on Tuesday at 5.10

Tuesday 22nd
The Team were back out tonight playing Hailes B on a dull and cold evening. Both our pairs lost the first few holes but battled back over 4 , 5 and 6 with par golf.  The front pair Andy Rennie and David Wilson birdied 7 and 8 and came off the 10th in the lead by 4 holes.Rab Kay and last minute substitute Club Captain Rankin Taylor led by 2 after the 10th.
Both lost 11 and Andy and David lost 12 for the score to be 2 and 1 up respectively.However both won the 13th with good tee shots and close to the hole chips to extend their leads to each being 3 up.
14 and 15 were halved and then a good tee shot by Andy and a chip to 4 feet by David , leaving Andy a tricky downhill putt, which he duly holed , gave the Team a 6 and 5 win.
Next game is on thursday , opponents to be confirmed , as is the tee time, but around 5 to 5.30pm

Quarter Finals

A sunny and warm evening , a perfect Braids experience. Both our pairings got off to a great start by winning the first two holes .Andy and David were playing against a plus one and a scratch team wearing similar team outfits. Rab and Rankins opponents were less sartorily dressed but were also near to scratch players.  Andy and David lost 3 , 4 and 5 to go one down but won the sixth to get back to all square. Rabs fine pitch to 6 feet at the third made them three up. Their opponents fought back and won the fourth and sixth to stay in contention.Davids drive at 7 just found a bush , Andy had to take a drop and they went one down. The eighth was halved but they lost 9 to a half to be 2 down at the turn. Meanwhile Rab and Rankin were increasing their lead to be 2 up at the same stage.The front pair won 10 with a par after their opponents missed a short putt , but when Andy found the greenside bunker at 11 and David had a very awkward stance they went back to 2 down. Rab and Rankin halved 10 , 11 and 12 due to great long irons into the green from Rankin and good saving putts from Rab.Both halved 13 after some tricky downhill putts but Rab and Rankin lost a chance to extend their lead.Andy and David halved 14 and 15 and then won 16 with a par.Rab and Rankin lost 14 due to a 3 putt , halved the 15th and halved 16  after Rab and his opponent both drove the green to 20 feet for birdies.On the 17th tee the game  was all square overall.The front pair halved it but Rab and Rankins tee shot found the bushes and their three off the tee was enough for them to lose the hole. The game had swung to Mortonhalls favour.Andy drove just to just short of the 18th green and Davids chipped to 3 feet. They found he graves and then pitched over the back. They conceeded and it ended all square. A great comeback from Andy and David.Rab and Rankins drive went into a bush left of the green near the path and a drop had to be taken from down on the first fairway. Their opponents hit a superb drive to pin high and in the end it was enough to win  and the game overall by one hole.A great display from our Team Andy Rennie , David Wilson , Rab Kay and Rankin Taylor against Mortonhall who have over 500 male members to choose from and were last years Summer League winners. We definitely punch above our weight when it comes to The Dispatch

The Western fought through on Tuesday against East Lothian County Cup winners Tantallon. The team from North Berwick comprised three one handicappers and one off plus one so the Western would have received nine shots had it been a handicap game. This was at the Braids however and it proved to be a very tight match. At the front Brian Reid and David Wilson had a close front nine before winning the ninth to be one up. A racing start to the back nine with birdies at 10, 11 and 12 put them four up. At the back Brian Kennedy and Danny Cameron fell behind at the third and through the course of the round lost a few more to go four down after 13. At the front Brian and David missed a couple of chances then lost the 17th. Crucially though Danny and Brian fought back to two down. At the last after the tee shot stuck on the bank Brian Reid was left with a 20 yard putt which he hit inside two feet. This time David found the hole for a half. Brian Kennedy was faced with a similar length putt in fast fading light and was more thn up to it and hit it stone dead. Tantallon then missed their three and the Western now play Watsonians on Thursday at 5:30.

Second Round:

B Team
The pairings of Rankin Taylor and James Cunningham and Duncan Wells and Phil Caldwell teed off against Colinton Mains at 9.45.

Rankin and James started strongly and won most of the opening holes with pars. Duncan and Phil were the opposite with poor chipping from off the green causing their downfall. Both pairings were playing against players with significantly lower handicaps than theirs so it was always going to be difficult.

However Rankin and James kept putting the pressure on their opponents and were 6 up after 8. Duncan and Phil were making too many errors and were 6 down after 8. The game was finely balanced and when the front two lost the 9th after being 15 feet from the pin after their tee shot and then Duncan hitting a superb flop shot from the valley and over the bushes to 3 feet to win the hole then it looked as things might change.

It didnt. Rankin and James went 7 up at the 13th and Duncan and Phil went 7 down. The front two of Colinton Mains started to play better and when James's tee shot at 16 found the bushes they were only 5 up on the 17th tee. A short put miss by Rankin to win that hole sealed their overall fate. Both pairings needed to win the last to halve the match but it wasnt to be and Colinton Mains ran out the winners overall.

A Team

Yesterdays slow start was long forgotten as both pairings instead made it 7 consecutive holes won as by winning the first. The front pair however lost the 2nd before being handed the 3rd. Brian holed a putt from short of the green at the 2nd for a half before a lucky half thanks to 3 putt by their opponents from 20 feet below the hole at 3.

3 straight bogeys from the front pair was good enough for halves before good putts from Andy at 7 and David at 8 followed by a bad miss for par by their opponents at 9 saw them 4 up at the turn. Danny pitched stiff at 3 before an awkward stance led to a duff by their opponents, however that was followed by lovely pitch that dropped for a half. A run of 5 straight bogeys saw them move 2 up through 6 before losing the next 3 to fall 1 down, but overall the team was 3 up at the turn.

Both pairs halved 10 & 12 and lost 13 with the front pair getting a win at 11 while the back pair lost the hole and momentum was firmly behind the opposition, that was until a good approach from David set-up a birdie opportunity. While Andy was on the green holing for the win Brian was picking up the win by hitting a long drive over the rock while the opposition stuck 2 balls in the gorse.

Both pairs played their get out of jail free cards as their opponents both lipped out from close range and instead of being pegged back to 1 up took a 3 hole advantage to the 16th tee. With 2 balls in the gorse left and Andy down the middle the prospect of 5&4 loomed on the horizon, however the first ball was found playable(ish) and despite a duff, the next shot was put in close for the half.

Brian's wedge off the tee hit the gorse that juts out to the fairway on the left, but to a lucky bounce back into play leaving Danny with the ball below his feet and no way of going straight at the flag. He had other ideas and hit one of the shots of the day as an easy draw up the right took one bounce short before rolling up 20 feet behind the hole. Unfortunately 3 putts later the ball still wasn't in the hole.

Just off the back of the green and playing to a red flag Andy got the ball to finish 6 feet below the hole and despite being much closer the opposition managed to roll slightly further past. To the surprise of all both putts were missed and the hole was halved in 4. Back on the tee Danny decided the object of the game was to try to hit the most annoying person on the course (editor: Alan Kay?), but his aim was out by 1 foot and instead hit me.

The ball proceeded to head away from the hole and down the hill. What followed proved to be hugely significant as Brian's recovery went to the back of the green before Danny left the par putt a long way short. With their opponents taking 3 shots to get down from the bank behind the green Brian canned his putt to secure a half and dormie.

With their opponents taking 3 to find the green and David's approach inside 20 feet the match was finally over, or so we thought. Andy's putt finished 2-3 feet past the hole and a pull from David saw them snatch a loss from the jaws of victory. Short of the green in 2 and Brian decided to putt and rolled the ball up to 6 feet. Their opponents had a 20 footer for extra holes than came up short before Danny kept his cool to hole out for the narrowest of victories.

The team will be back in action on Tuesday at 5:40pm against Tantallon. As Andy's in Spain (lack of commitment to the team) Brian Reid will be stepping in.

First Round:
Having picked up a bronze medal in 2015 it looked like back to back first round defeats for the A Team could be on the cards. A run of missed putts against opponents single putting saw Andrew Rennie & David Wilson 2 down and Danny Cameron & Brian Kennedy 4 down after 5 holes. No change for the front pair by the turn, but the back pair sandwiched a loss at 8 with wins on 7 & 9 to show signs of a rival before lost ball at 10 saw them back to 4 down.

The front pair however saw the back nine as the time to make a move with a birdie at nine before their opponents conceded the 11th in bizarre circumstances. Having lost their tee shot right they chose to concede the hole rather than go back to the tee despite Andy not having a shot at the green in 2. The back pair also won the 11th without hitting their 2nd shot after their opponents took a drop from bushes on the left just short of the trees before playing sideways managed lose the ball in the trees on the opposite side of the fairway.

Both pairs halved 12, before a double bogey at 13th saw the front pair fall behind again. At this point 4 down David informed Brian that this was the score line at the same stage in their opening match of  2015 and he was spot on as Danny holed from 15-20 feet above the hole at 13 to get back to 2 down for the first time since the 3rd.

David holed from 20 foot on 14 for a win, before 15 was halved in 5. Andy sunk a 20 footer at 16 followed by 50 footer at 17 and suddenly had moved from 1 down to 2 up in 3 holes. Danny & Brian dropped back to 3 down through 15 before picking up wins at 16 and 17 and suddenly the team was 1up with both pairs playing 18, were a par was enough for the front pair to win the hole and secure a 2&1 victory.

While the team will be disappointed with the slow start winning the last 5 holes between them to go from 3 down to 2&1 shows just how quickly a score can be reeled in and is the sort of form they'll look to repeat in the second round. Sunday 11:00 v Harrison B

First round (Saturday): 7.00 RICS v Kilspindie; 7.15 Silverknowes v BBT; 7.30 Broomieknowe v Hailes A; 7.45 Gullane v Third; 8.00 Kilgour Private Clients v Caermount; 8.15 Kilgour Wealth Management v Cramond; 8.30 Harrison v Braids United; 8.45 Watsonians v Turnhouse; 9.00 Dunbar v Munro Heating; 9.15 Bank of Scotland v Harrison Seniors; 9.30 Tantallon v Ye Monks of Ye Braids; 9.45 Munro Bathrooms v British Rugby Club of Paris; 10.00 Edinburgh Western v Hailes C; 10.15 Royal Burgess v Harrison B.

Second round (Sunday): 7.45 Harrison or Braids United v Edinburgh Leisure; 8.00 Royal Bank of Scotland v Stevenson & Cheyne; 8.15 George Heriot’s B v Murrayfield; 8.30 Lochend v Carrickvale; 8.45 Swanston New v Silverknowes Generations; 9.15 Silverknowes 50s v George Heriot’s A; 9.30 Hailes B v Stephen Gallacher Foundation; 9.45 Edinburgh Western B v Colinton Mains; 10.00 Stewart’s Melville FP v Liberton; 10.15 Prestonfield v Watsonians or Turnhouse.

Unfortunately our A team also fell at the first hurdle in a match that for the most part could have gone either way. Andrew & David were 2 down through 6, and despite playing the next 6 under par only won one hole. 13 and 14 were traded to leave them 1 down through 14. Danny & Robert got off to a better start and were 2 up through 7 before losing 8 and 9. They remained square through 14, but then both pairings lost 15 and 16 for a 5&4 defeat.

Our B team fell at the first hurdle despite spirited performances from all involved. Our front pairing of Rankin & James got off to a good start and were 2 up at the turn. Brian & Andrew won 6 & 7 as they fought back from 4 down through 5, before their opponents picked up birdies at 8 & 9 to restore their 4 hole advantage. While they halved the deficit on the back nine winning 14 & 16, the front pair went the other way eventually finishing 1 down, for an overall 3&1 defeat.

Hopefully nobody brings up the fact that Brian & Andrew lost to a 15 year old who only took up the game 3 years ago (in all fairness I will point out that he plays off 6).


(The) A-Team
Danny "Hannibal" Cameron
Andrew "B.A." Rennie
David "Howling Mad" Wilson
Robert "Face" Kay

B Team
Brian "Hibsed it" Kennedy
Rankin "The Power" Taylor
James "Quiet Man" Cunningham
Andrew "The Caddy" McLelland

Saturday, May 21: 7.00am: Harrison Golf Society v Stevenson & Cheyne (1983) Ltd. 7.15am: Harrison v Lochend A. 7.30am: Rhodes v Munro Heating. 7.45am: Cramond v Heriots Quad. 8.00am: Kilgour Private Clients v Carrickvale B. 8.15am: Lochend B v Kilgour Wealth Management. 8.30am: Edinburgh Western B v Kingston. 8.45am: Watsonians v Barnton Hotel. 9.00am: Silverknowes v Buckstone Golfing Society. 9.15am: Carrickvale A v Bank of Scotland

Sunday, May 22: 7.00am: Harrison Golf Society or Stevenson & Cheyne (1983) Ltd v Harrison or Lochend A. 7.15am: Rhodes or Munro Heating v Cramond or Heriots Quad. 7.30am: Kilgour Private Clients or Carrickvale B v Lochend B or Kilgour Wealth Management. 7.45am: Edinburgh Western B or Kingston v Watsonians or Barnton Hotel. 8.00am: Silverknowes or Buckstone Golfing Society v Carrickvale A or Bank of Scotland. 8.15am: Hailes C v Stephen Gallacher Foundation. 8.30am: Temple GS v British Rugby Club of Paris. 8.45am: Hailes A v Harrison Seniors.9.15am: Harrison B v Edinburgh Western. 9.30am: Royal Bank of Scotland v Hailes B. 9.45am: Third v Colinton Mains. 10.00am: Silverknowes 50s v BBT. 10.15am: Stewarts/Melville v Braids United. 10.30am: Caermount v Scottish Universities. 10.45am: Edinburgh Thistle v Ye Monks of Ye Braids. 11.00am: RICS v George Heriots.

The Champs (Hailes) who won, 1 up thanks to a 2 at the last.

Bronze Medal Winners

The run is over after a 7&5 loss to Silverknowes. After a shaky start where 5 consecutive putts to half were missed Dave & Danny won the 6th and 7th and almost made it 3 in a row as Dave's pitch at 8 hit the pin and stopped by the hole. Silverknowes responded with a good putt from above the hole for the half and a 2 at the 9th to stretch the advantage. The front pair of John & Gerry came close to an opening birdie but settled for a half before a poor tee shot handed their opponents the 2nd, however they immediately struck back on the 3rd and the match remained tight until the 14th.

With a 1 hole advantage the front pair unfortunately lost 3 on the trot from 14 and with the back pair having fallen a further hole behind the match was over. More photos from the day can be found in the Gallery, thanks to Robin for taking them.

Danny puts David in a bunker

Danny puts David in another bunker

David desperately tries to stop yet another shot going in a bunker

The A Team beat Stinger Golfing Society 7&5 to progress to a Semi Final showdown with Silverknowes. John & Gerry were 3 up after 16 and DavidDanny were 4 up after 15 in a match that the team led from start to finish. Tee time on Saturday is 8:10.

The A Team progressed to the Quarter Finals with a 2 up victory. John & Gerry were 1 under through 13 before trading holes into the wind and when they walked off the 18th they were 5 up. DavidBrian Reid had a tougher time of it and were 4 down through 17, but when all that was need was a half they went one better and won the 18th. They'll now be back in action on Thursday at 17:30.

The wind was back and it almost blew the A team out of the Dispatch Trophy as they began the 14th the team was 3 down and an early exit looming. 5 holes later and John Ralston & Gerry Curran were holing out on the 18th to be 2 up and with Danny Cameron & David Wilson all square on the tee handshakes and sighs of relief were in order. They'll now face MCBA at 17:30 on Tuesday.

It was a glorious day for golf that unfortunately wasn't matched by the B & C teams who were put out of the Dispatch Trophy 6&4 (by Hailes) and 4&3 (by Braids Utd). Débutantes Robert Kay,Andrew McLelland and Davy Legge (partnered by Sandy McFeat) will have been pleased with their performances as both pairings were all square through 16. Brian Kennedy & Kevin MacDonald couldn't recapture their winter league form and finished 6 down through 16. Despite the perfect start (-2 after 2 holes to go 2 up) Colin Mackay & Steven Park eventually finished 4 down through 17. The BU were given a real fright and after both pairs had gone through the 14th the C Team was only 1 down in an unexpectedly competitive affair, but loses for both at the 16th finally allowed the opposition to breath a sigh of relief.

Dispatch Teams

A Team - John Ralston & Gerry Curran, David Wilson & Danny Cameron
vs Ye Monks of Ye Braids - Sunday 10:00.

B Team - Brian Kennedy & Kevin MacDonald, Robert Kay & Andrew McLelland vs Hailes - Saturday 9:40

C Team - Colin Mackay & Steven Park, Sandy McFeat & Davy Legge vs Braids United - Saturday 7:40

First round (May 23): 7.00 Kilgour Private Clients v Hailes C; 7.10 Harrison v Heriots; 7.20 Third v Heriots Quad; 7.30 Temple Golfing Society v Carrickvale; 7.40 Edinburgh Western C v Braids United; 8.00 Rhodes v Bruntsfield Allied; 8.10 Hailes B v Portobello; 8.20 Kilgour Employee Benefits v Harrison Golf Society; 8.30 Harrison B v Silverknowes Generations; 8.40 RJM Kitchens & Bathrooms v Royal Bank; 9.00 Harrison Seniors v RICS; 9.10 Lochend v Edinburgh Thistle; 9.20 Scottish Universities v Buckstone GS; 9.30 FORE v BBT; 9.40 Hailes v Edinburgh Western B; 10.00 Silverknowes Veterans v Cramond; 10.10 Stewart’s/Melville v Caermount; 10.20 British Rugby Club of Paris v Carrickvale B; 10.30 Colinton Mains v Observers; 10.40 Edinburgh Bar Association v Watsonian.

Second round (May 24): 9.30 Munro Heating v Munro Heating B; 9.45 Silverknowes v Kilgour Wealth Management; 10.00 Edinburgh Western v Ye Monks of Ye Braids; 10.20 MCBA v Bank of Scotland; 10.30 Lochend B v Carrick Knowe; 10.40 Stinger Golfing Society v Mount Vernon.